How Do You Train?: Loop Access at Boutonville Rd and Route 124

imageLocal runners from Pound Ridge and South Salem know about the back entrance to the Leatherman’s Loop trail at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  It is located at the intersection of Route 124 and Boutonville Rd (closed to vehicles) on the Pound Ridge/South Salem border.  Loop runners know this spot as the water stop and the beginning of the Mud Flats section of the trail.  There is parking just off of Route 124 (be careful, busy road) for about 2-3 cars.  There is one more “spot” off of (the open part of) Boutonville Rd just south of the entrance. 

This side entrance allows quick access to the entire loop trail for those who live on the east side of the reservation.  I know there is a crew of Sabbathday Hill Rd, Pine Hill Rd, and Boutonville Rd runners who access the park to train there.  What better way to train for the loop than checking in on the site itself!  Of course there are lots of other local trails to keep everyone busy in a variety of preserves and parks!

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Runners have a choice of heading in a counterclockwise direction – same as the Loop – or a clockwise direction for a reverse Loop.  They both end at the same spot so the energy is the same.  If it is your first time running the course, or you have been away from it for a while, I recommend you take the course counterclockwise.  That way you are heading in the same direction you will be going on the day of the Leatherman’s Loop.

If you have done the course many times or just want to change things up a bit, take the course clockwise, heading towards the Kimberly Bridge area. 

The course description with feature highlights can be found here.  There is also a link to the course map below.