Loop Merchandise

If you are interested in other unique Loop (and some other races) merchandise, check the Leatherman’s Loop store at Zazzle.

Many Loop fans have expressed interest in these Leatherman’s Loop items for sale. We have created an off season merchandise store with more than just shirts!

Leatherman Harriers Large water bottle 24oz Water Bottle

Note these are NOT the yearly race t-shirt designs sold during registration.

Those are ONLY available in the year of the race when ordered with registration. Those annual designs are limited print runs and once we run out they are done!

Screenshot 12:8:15, 6:26 PM-2

Some examples at the Zazzle store:

Screenshot 12:8:15, 6:31 PM

Order anytime and in any quantity. Shipping is directly to you. Many different colors and styles available. Shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, hats, bags, buttons, posters, etc.

3″x3″ sticker

We get a small % commission for each item sold via Zazzle that goes right back into this website.

We have bought samples of the items as tests and have been very pleased with the quality and printing.