Group Run This Sunday April 11th

Two more Sundays until the Loop…

The weather should be cool and mild this Sunday… Hope you can join us! 

See prior group run notes (March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4) on website for more information.  Check this post for information about where we are meeting:

Help Feed The Leatherman - Food Donations

Last year Loop runners donated over 700 pounds of food in our first ever “Help Feed the Leatherman” food drive.  We are bringing the drive back for a second year!

imageThe Old Leatherman came to the same places on such a regular schedule that people “could set their clocks by his arrival.” In each community he passed, the Leatherman had identified a home or two where he knew friendly people would provide food whenever he appeared. Some residents would set plates of food out for him when he was expected, and the Leatherman would come by and clean the plate. This year for the loop we are asking our runners to “put the plate of food out” for the Leatherman.

We will be collecting food for the Community Center Of Northern Westchester. The food pantry at The Center needs our help as more and more people everyday show up at their door in need of help. The Center’s mission is to improve the well-being of our neighbors. That is what many people years ago did for the Leatherman.

The Center is in need of Dried black and pinto beans, Cold cereal, Tuna, Canned beef stew, Spaghetti sauce, Fruit juice, Baby food, Diapers and other non-perishables. We will have a designated location set up near bib pick-up to collect food donations on the day of the Loop. This is not a requirement. Help if you can.

The Leatherman depended on the charity and kindness of strangers. Let us extend the wonderful goodness and spirit of our loop, as we gather food for our neighbors.

Group Run #5: Report

image A fine Sunday morning greeted 5 runners (Ciorsdan, Lee, Debbie, Rose, and Rob) at the Lewisboro Town Park.  55 degrees, slightly overcast. 

Course was the ‘Western Figure 8’ Loop.  Started up the big hill out of the parking lot then left on the Deer Hollow trail from the Town Park blue trail.  Past the JT Farm fields along the Waccabuc River and made the first right onto the Loop course trail known as Deer Hollow Hill.  The course was still a bit wet but the edges were passable without too much mud.  From there went up the gradual slope and over the ridge taking the second white trail connector on the left.  This takes you through the Pine Forest section of the Loop course.  Went down the hill towards the rushing Cross River and took the switchback on the Brown trail towards Splashdown and the course homestretch.  No river crossing today—the water is still draining from Monday and Tuesday’s deluge.  (Maybe next week!) 

By this time the group was running 5 different courses at different paces.  Three of us met up between the Meadow start and the Meadow Oak at about the halfway mark.  The group of three headed back up the Brown trail to the Town Park.  Two alternate routes back were 1.) retracing the Deer Hollow/JT Farm trail back to the Town Park trails and 2.) exiting through a spur trail onto Mark Mead Road and then getting back to the Town Park along Route 35! 

Hope to see a big crowd next week.  Two more training Sundays before April 25th!

Leatherman Article in Hudson Valley Magazine

imageThe April issue of Hudson Valley Magazine recently did a story on the Old Leather Man.  Towards the end is a bit about the Leatherman’s Loop.

He may be all but forgotten by most people, but [in] April more than 1,000 intrepid runners celebrate the memory of the Leatherman by taking part in the Leatherman Loop trail race in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester County. This month marks the 24th running of this six-mile trek, which was founded by Bedford resident Tony Godino and four friends back in 1986, when trail running was “a budding sport,” he says.

Check the article out here:

Group Run This Sunday April 4th

3 more Sundays to train… We are heading out for a run on Easter morning, Sunday, 4/4/10 at 8AM.  We will do a shorter run and shoot to be back to the cars in less than an hour. 

The weather should be spectacular for the weekend.  Definitely shorts weather… Hope you can join us! 

See prior group run notes (March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28) on website for more information.  Check this post for information about where we are meeting:

Group Run #4: Report

imageSunday, March 28th, 2010: Seven Loop runners (Holli, Lee, Debbie, Ciorsdan, Aarti, Rob, and Dr. Stu) met at the Town Park upper lot for a run into the Reservation.  It was overcast and mid-30’s temperature.  Just before heading out we spotted some snow flurries. Quite different from last week’s 60 degree run!  Possibly the last snow until next winter.

Hills was the course agreed on—a zig-zag over the northern ridge of the Rez.  We ran down into the Deer Hollow trail then picked up the Brown trail towards Splashdown.  Just before the meadow stretch towards the second water crossing we turned and stuck to the Brown trail.  Not being as brave as Jim “Iceman” Jinkins, we opted out of the water crossings on this day!  (Plus we were all wearing long pants, not shorts!)  We stretched out into 3 groups, each taking a different path over the hills.  Group 1 and 2 met going opposite ways at one point and Looped back together all the way to the wall. Everyone made it back onto Deer Hollow to head back to the cars.  Total runs were between 5.2 and 5.5 miles taking a bit over an hour.  The trail conditions were good with moisture abating somewhat.  Sticking to the high ground kept things drier but rockier.  Trail conditions change daily, especially in April. 

Next Sunday is Easter but we plan to be out there getting a run in.  It looks to be a warm weekend with temps up to the 70s on Saturday.  We’ll pick a shorter course to be done in under an hour.  Same time (8AM).  Hope you can join us!

Leatherman’s Loop Results Summary

This article has been superseded by this one which is updated each year with the latest results:
If you are looking for information about prior Leatherman’s Loop results you have come to the right place.

Searchable results are here for the following years: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1988, and 1987.

Images of the posterboard results are available for these years: 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, and 1989.

If anyone knows of an efficient way to type up the 13 years of results that exist only on posterboard, let us know in the comments or via the contact form.  A few people have expressed interest in helping out.  Please get in touch.  Thanks!

1987 Results Republished

The first running of the Leatherman’s Loop was in 1987.  98 runners started, 96 finished.  A number of these runners will be at the Loop in 2010.  Two runners have run all 23 Loops to date.  A handful more are in the 20+ range.  Click below to see results.

1     Joseph Stanley    38:17:00
2     Dave Cope         40:31:00
3     Jim Meadows       40:58:00
4     Tom Tomai         41:15:00
5     Bob Hermesch      41:40:00
6     Brian Clery       42:14:00
7     Patrick Christie  42:34:00
8     Steven Carney     42:40:00
9     J. Krasniewkz     42:57:00
10    Pete Thompson     43:00:00
11    Dave Delano       43:06:00
12    Gerry Janssen     43:12:00
13    Henry Sethness    43:56:00
14    Peter Page        44:07:00
15    John Conway       44:26:00
16    Joe DelSanto      45:00:00
17    R. Halliman       45:39:00
18    Cindy Davis       45:49:00
19    Peter Davis       45:58:00
20    Edward Nolan Jr.  46:05:00
21    Bob Goldblatt     46:43:00
22    Silvera Estebom   46:43:00
23    Keith Vosburs     47:12:00
24    Henry Neeson      47:17:00
25    Richard Stone     47:24:00
26    Tom Morrissey     47:37:00
27    John Barry        47:42:00
28    Joe Pearce        47:45:00
29    Rick Hubbell      47:56:00
30    Peter Miesler     48:09:00
31    M. Hauderschield  48:12:00
32    Liz Cope          48:20:00
33    Tim Clune         48:20:00
34    Geoff Steadman    48:31:00
35    Edward Dillon     48:32:00
36    John Voll         48:33:00
37    Andre Platt       48:42:00
38    William Voll      49:07:00
39    R. Anderson       49:14:00
40    Cal Johnson       49:23:00
41    David Motay       49:36:00
42    Kevin Clune       49:51:00
43    John Obrien       50:01:00
44    Don Vasta         50:09:00
45    Skip Earle        50:28:00
46    Chris Galligan    51:26:00
47    Bob Crane         51:41:00
48    Joe Lyons         51:46:00
49    Elin Larsen       52:06:00
50    Fred Duncan       52:22:00
51    Paul Alpert       52:38:00
52    Christopher Male  52:46:00
53    Premananda Child  52:46:00
54    Peter Donavan     53:22:00
55    Cindy Lyons       54:54:00
56    Mark Gaulke       55:02:00
57    Barbo Thelomarck  55:50:00
58    Norman Alt        55:55:00
59    Norman Slick      55:55:00
60    Brent Voyles      56:01:00
61    William Horn      56:21:00
62    Ronald Williams   56:41:00
63    John Palmer       57:02:00
64    S. Walls          58:35:00
65    Mike Rodriguez    58:44:00
66    John Burns        58:59:00
67    Liana Revel-Oel   59:08:00
68    Koide Sab         59:15:00
69    Gene Fox          59:47:00
70    Dennis Winthers    1:00:21
71    D. Clutter         1:00:45
72    Mark Stepamik      1:00:55
73    Jay McHargue       1:01:00
74    Ed Schmidt         1:01:03
75    James Whalen       1:01:59
76    F. Schmidt         1:02:21
77    M. Stamatal        1:03:13
78    E. Ryan            1:03:25
79    Tom Maguire        1:03:54
80    Ed Rippstein       1:04:57
81    Diane Malek        1:06:33
82    P. DeVries Jr.     1:07:22
83    J. Belz            1:07:22
84    E. Stevenson       1:08:27
85    L. CorbinSlowcro   1:09:11
86    D. Bruce Smith     1:17:53
87    Kimberly Lowell    1:17:53
88    Dwight Lowell      1:18:02
89    J. Gaffney         1:18:06
90    J. Oricchio        1:18:20
91    Lee Saroken        1:19:50
92    Sara Gaffney       1:20:43
93    Yvonne Smith       1:22:21
94    Audrey Morris      1:22:22
95    J.F. Iscaro        1:22:41
96    J.M. Gratton    -
97    Steve Cohen     -
98    Larrie Rochmache-