Working Through Interrupted Registrations

The registration from this point forward is an ‘invitational’ style registration.  Invitations have gone out to those runners who contacted us on registration day (1/1/2010) about problems they encountered during registration attempts while the registration was open.

Each registration invitation email has a personal code that can be used by only one runner for the Loop.  If, in your original email or contact form to us, you noted problems with more than one runner in your registration attempts, we will send you one or more additional codes when we reach your spot in the list. 

Some runners have started receiving registration notices via email and have since been able to register for the Loop. The runners who are getting these email notes were among the first to have problems on January 1st (registration day).  As you know, we have a lot of people who had problems so please be patient. 

We are proceeding slowly and deliberately since this is not an open registration. That means there is no immediate time pressure on runners to register.  However, if you receive an invitation but don’t need it for some reason (change in plans, already registered, etc.) please let us know so we can free up that registration slot for others. Also—if a runner does not use their code within a reasonable time period (we think a week or so is reasonable) we will de-authorize the initial code and recycle that spot to the next runner on the list. We need to keep close tabs on the number of registrants.

We are striving to be as fair as possible with this process but will not be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to run in the Loop. 

If you are contacting us for the first time, we are collecting names for a notification list for next year’s Loop.  We already have over 650 names on the waiting list for this year.

If you have any questions,

please contact us using the website form

.  We appreciate your help and patience!

Loop T-Shirt History

We’ve collected a bunch of of logos and t-shirt designs from the Leatherman’s Loop.  More shirts to be added later!  Many of the t-shirts were designed and drawn by longtime loop participant and artist Tim Parshall.  Last year the shirt was designed and painted by local artist and teacher Heather Kranz.

They are now in order from 2002-2009.  Some years have multiple colors.  The first image is from the course map display built by 20+ year loop runner Bill Bradsell.
imageimage imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

EDIT: Here are two more Leatherman’s Loop t-shirt designs.  The first one is from the first Loop in 1987 and features the text “X-C like it oughta be.”  The art was drawn by Loop co-founder Dave Cope and is still used on the race bibs today.  The second design is from the second Loop in 1988.  The design is based on a photograph of a runner in the first Loop.

The second design is rarely seen in the wild but you occasionally see runners and volunteers at the Loop with the first t-shirt on.
UPDATE: You can find at least the first 25 years of Loop t-shirt designs in this page here:

We also know that there are a number of custom t-shirts that groups have made over the years especially for the Leatherman’s Loop.  Groups or individuals who have crafted special t-shirts (or other garments) please send us your logo or a shot of your creation—either close-up or modeled by a member (or members) of your group.

2010 Doug Wood 5K XC Trail Run and Fun Run

Two of our multi-Loop runners are the race directors of this Long Island Trail Run on the North Shore a few weeks before the Leatherman’s Loop.  The run is put on by the Northport Running Club.  (

The Wood Run is a spectacular way to shake off the winter fat. The race will draw both athletes and hikers looking for a challenge. Walkers are welcome. Doug Wood ran the Makamah Trails because of the wide variety of routes, views and wildlife. This venue has it all: Challenging trails, Fast straight paths, and a sprint finish at the Norwood School. Run it once and you will want to come back.

Benefit: The funds raised from this event will go to the Doug Wood Scholarship Fund. This annual award will be presented to a graduating male and female Northport High School athlete (chosen by the NHS director of athletics) to financially aide in their college goals.

2010 Doug Wood 5K XC Trail Run and Fun Run
Saturday, April 10th, 2010
Start 9:00AM, 8:30AM Fun Run
Location: Norwood Avenue School, Northport NY
Registration through


Three months until the Leatherman’s Loop!  Keep training!  The next few days will be good muddy training for the April race thanks to the downpour we’ve experienced. 

There is another event on April 25th in Pound Ridge in case you missed out on the Leatherman’s Loop registration (which is closed to new entrants).

The event is called “Rock the Ride and Run” – Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).  Details are here

From the site:

A Run and a set of Rides that will begin at Scotts Corner Market to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation! There will be activities for runners and cyclists of all levels! Friends and family are invited to join in! All registered participants will receive a t-shirt.

The person organizing the event is Rica Mendes.  Rica has a website here:  Check in to see what she has planned!

Book Talk at Shelton Historical Society January 24th

Noted Leatherman chronicler Dan DeLuca is busy these days! 

In addition to his talk January 31st at the Lewisboro Library, he will speak on January 24th at the Shelton Historical Society at 2PM at the Huntington Congregational Church in Shelton CT.

For those many Loop runners on or near the Connecticut shore, this is an opportunity to see one of the most knowledgeable experts on the Leatherman speak about this mysterious figure. 

Click here for a link to our story about his book when it was first released.  (

Born To Run

“Required reading for all Loop runners!”
—Tony Godino, Leatherman’s Loop 21-year Race Director

One of the reasons the Leatherman’s Loop is so popular is because it is FUN!  This book is about having fun with your running.  It is also about revealing a truth about all people: that we are born to run long distances, over rough terrain, and we should run for the sheer joy of running.

The author weaves a tale of the Tarahumara people of Mexico who run incredible distances through some of the toughest terrain on earth and an American who calls himself Caballo Blanco “a mysterious loner who lives among the tribe.” It includes the science and study of running along with other unforgettable people and races.  There are many book reviews and testimonials on the web.  The site is run by one of the ultrarunners from the book nicknamed “Barefoot Ted.” 

Search on the book title and author, Christopher McDougall and you will get lots of sites with more information. 

Here’s a video clip by the book’s author.  Watch his running stride and check out his footwear. 

Dan DeLuca, Author of “The Old Leather Man” to Speak at Lewisboro Library Jan 31

The Lewisboro Library, located on Main Street in South Salem, will host speaker Dan DeLuca on Sunday, January 31st at 3PM.

From their site:

Mr. DeLuca is the author of

The Old Leather Man: Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend

. Mr. DeLuca will shed light on fact versus fiction about the famous hermit who wandered through New York and Connecticut in the late 1800s. True fact: The Leather Man was always clothed in leather, he crafted his clothes from the top of boots that people would give him. Mr. DeLuca’s presentation will be preceded by a short business meeting.

Dan came to the Leatherman’s Loop last year and we hope to have him join us again this year.  If you have a question about the Old Leather Man, Dan is the one to answer it!

Click here for a link to our story about his book when it was first released.  (

T-shirts cost extra? What gives?

Some shirts will be available for purchase at the Loop but if you want to guarantee availability you should place an order when you register. Take a look at the past year’s designs to get an idea what the shirts are like. We will have the current year’s shirt design online as soon as it is finalized.

Some of you are aware that the Loop has always been a sponsor free event. The thought of having a corporate presence in the park never felt right to us. In fact, we believe that many of our participants use this race as an opportunity to step away from their business oriented lives. This means that the runners underwrite the full cost of staging the event as well as the charitable contributions it spins off with money remaining after expenses.

Every year we make a significant donation to a local charity and sometimes multiple charities. Over the years organizations we have supported include Trailside Nature Museum in the park, Art in The Park, The Mianus Gorge Preserve, the North Castle Land Trust, the men’s shelter at the County airport, the Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps (some of you may have used their services at the Loop!), and the Bedford Historical Society.

Some newer not-for-profits we have donated to include: Friends of Muscoot Farm, the NY Wolf Center, and the Somers Volunteer Fire Department (they provide a volunteer EMS crew and do a great job with “Run The Farm” each year).

We plan to continue the “Help Feed The Leatherman” food drive you have all made so successful in past years with your food contributions.

Plans are afoot for adding a few new causes this year—keep your eyes and ears open on Loop day!

National Trail Running Day is August 21, 2010

National Trail Running Day August 21, 2010

National Trail Running Day is a day to promote, celebrate, and experience the sport of Trail Running. Trail Running is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States with runners taking to the trails of varying difficulties and distances to connect with nature and the environment, while also building strength and more technical running skills.

What should you do on National Trail Running Day? National Trail Running Day is a day for runners to come together and celebrate the sport of Trail Running. Everyone should participate and anyone can plan an official event for National Trail Running Day. Some of the events planned are trail races, group trail runs, or trail clean-ups.