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Local Farmers Markets

The Leatherman’s Loop has always been a friend to the local farmers and farmers markets.  In the past some of our proceeds have been donated to local farms groups and co-ops in order to supply fresh food to local food pantries and soup kitchens.  We encourage you to support your local farmers markets.  Many sell more than produce—items for sale sometimes include baked goods, honey, jarred goods, and barbecue served hot. has a zip code search tool that lets you find local farmers markets.

From their home page: “The best organic food is what’s grown closest to you. Use our website to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.”

Around the Pound Ridge Reservation region there are several farmers markets that operate though the summer (and even the winter):
- John Jay High School.  Weekly on saturdays from May – October. (
- Gossett Brothers Nursery on Route 35 in South Salem – Saturdays throughout the year (winter too – indoors!)
- Muscoot Farm – Saturdays from May – October.  Visit the Muscoot Farm county park while you buy local produce.
- Ridgefield, CT – also Saturdays during the late spring – early fall.

Let us know your local farmers markets.  Some have special events so post them here so others can keep up.

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Websites Featuring Westchester Trails

Great site written by Joe Garland of Mt. Vernon.  Focus is mostly on southern Westchester. 

Westchester Trail Runs:
Also by Joe Garland – his old site.  Some great material there which I am not sure has made it to his new site (above).

Westchester Trails Association –
Organizes hikes of Westchester and area trails.  “Membership applications and guest schedules are available by request. You are invited to hike as a guest before joining. Hiking boots and drinking water are required for all hikes.”  See Yahoo Groups site for more information and schedule.  Great way to learn about trails in your area.

Westchester County Trailways site –

Westchester Flickr Photos pool –

Anyone know any more Westchester Trail related websites?  Tell us in the comments…

Upcoming Trail Runs

Some upcoming trail runs in the NY/NJ/CT area (and the granddaddy of all trail races, the Dipsea, in Mill Valley, CA):

June 14 – The Dipsea (7.4M)/Mill Valley CA – (oldest trail race in US & one of the Loop’s inspirations! visit site just to read entry process)
June 27 – 1st Annual Trail 10k, Rockefeller State Park/Centaur Festival –
July 26 – Escarpment Trail/Windham NY – (yikes! 30 miles of mountains)
Sept 12 – Westchester Toughkids Triathalon (Ages 7-10, 11-14)/Croton-on-Hudson NY –
Sept 13 – Westchester Toughman Triathalon/Croton-on-Hudson NY –
Oct 4 – Paine to Pain 1/2 Marathon Trail Race – New Rochelle NY –
Oct 18 – Where The Pavement Ends 5M/Bedford NY –
Oct 29 – Bimblers Bluff 50k/Guilford CT –

Other trail runs can be found here:

Here’s a long list of NJ-centric Trail Runs compiled by Chris Jaworski (thanks Chris!):

If anyone has other trail races in the NY/NJ/CT area that are not on these lists, send them (or post them in the comments below) in and we will add them here!

Submit Photos in your Flickr collection to Leathermansloop Group

UPDATE: we currently use for our photos and you can send yours to us through them … send an email with your photos carrying subject “25loops” to (it won’t get to us unless you send it with the subject line “25loops” somewhere in the subject).

Check the group site ‘leathermansloop’ here.  You can submit your photos to the leathermansloop group from your own flickr account if you have one.  You can sign up for free at if you don’t have an account.  Check out the older photos that are posted up there now.

If you are interested in the 2009 photos that various runners and loop supporters sent to us after the 2009 race, check this article here:

Thanks to all of the photographers in 2009 and in prior years who have contributed to the archives in these pages and throughout the web.

Group Photo Gallery – Submit Your Group’s Photo!

The Loop is popular with groups of all sizes.  There are running clubs, co-workers, school friends, local clubs, families, and combinations of all of these that run the loop every year.  We’d like to highlight them in this article.  No group is too small!

If you have a group photo from this year’s loop (or if you can dig up one from a prior loop), send it in to us with the name of your group and the names of the folks pictured.

If your group has a pied piper, a shared story, or a particular inspiration or passion, send it as well along with as much background information as you’d like.  You can send it all to us at leathermansloop [at]  Groups will be added below, click “full article” link to see all groups.


The Essex Running Club featuring from left to right: Rich Unis, Chris Jaworski, Aileen O’Rourke, and Debbie McNally.



Family and Friends of running in memory of George Chatzopoulos, a loop enthusiast who died while surfing in March 2009.


Team Doug, running in memory of Doug Gorman (left to right): John Partilla, Tom Gorman, Carol Gamez, Bridgette Gorman, and Neptune Gamez-Citron.

The Barleycorn Athletic Club and the Leatherman (left to right): Gary Frietag, Bruce Schempp, Stan Telaga (our Leatherman), Robert Rhatigan, Todd O’Connell


From the archived message board on the prior website:
posted by john krasniewicz Wednesday, 3/26/03, 12:50 PM 

my entry is in the mail ….just have to run that marathon up in boston before the leatherman 10k…the dead squirrel runners will bring their virgin leatherman loop runner..we may have two virgins this year to sacrifice up to the leatherman….the high water table is great news..we may surpass last year’s great race….my most memorable race would be the 2001 race: Caryl Robotti was too sick to run—but she came out to cheer on the runners—she was also on the scene when Buck got hit by a deer—she helped bring him back to the aid station….the next week caryl and I eloped (after going out together for 14 years ) and got married( it was not easy trying to keep our marriage plans secret at the leatherman with all of our running friends there )….her cancer overcame her in december 2001….i will always remember her cheering me on as we enter the woods….Leatherman was Caryl’s favorite race…..SHE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE—-CHEERING ON THE RUNNERS.

Cool Runners at the 2008 Loop (left to right): Ruth Littman, Rich Caiola, Andrea Fortino, and Mike Berardino



Leatherman Video Links

Several runners have made videos and posted them to YouTube and Facebook.  We have found them in our travels around the web.  If you have any video you’d like to share, please drop us a note in the comments section below. 

Please note if you are looking at these in later years that the 2009 Loop occurred in record heat for late April.  We don’t expect these conditions to repeat!  See the 2008 and 2005 Loop videos for more typical conditions.

Here are several videos (more below):
Jim Jinkins training video 2009 (filmed in February 2009)


Some video shots from Splashdown (2nd water crossing):

Video and commentary from Splashdown (2nd water crossing) taken by Kerry after finishing:

Photos put to video of 2008 Loop:

More video of 2008 Loop:

The 2005 Loop video:

Tips on Trail Running (2 minute report from KCRA news):


Walkable Westchester Book

Can’t wait to get this new book!

Walkable Westchester – A Walking Guide to Westchester County, NY by Jane and Walt Daniels, Published by the New York New Jersey Trail Conference.

The book covers over 180 parks with almost 600 miles of trails in Westchester County. It includes sketch maps of all but the smallest parks. Public transportation options are included where available. There is extensive history of the parks and the people involved. Icons show parks suitable for the handicapped, bikes, horses, dogs and cross country skiing. Many parks have photos that show what to expect to see when you visit. The parks are arranged by size classes and have a locator map to show approximately where they are in the county. 448 pages. ISBN 978-1-880775-57-8. has additional information and some suggested hikes.

The site also has a great map of Westchester showing a great overview of all the trails and parks covered in the book.

The backstory on the book is worth a read as well:

…The hours spent bringing the book to publication are enormous. Aside from the cartographer, Allison Werberg and book designer/layout artist, Nora Porter, all others involved in the project are volunteers. Any profits from the sale of Walkable Westchester are a gift from Jane and Walt to the Trail Conference.