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  • Sylvan and Dan Cummings in the Mud Flats 2012. Photo by Tyler Reinke
  • A Splash of Mud, Photo by Tyler Reinke
  • Looking west on the evening of Saturday April 26, 2008 the day before the Loop. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • 2010 one week before Loop. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Atka the Wolf howls the runners to a ready position in 2010. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Leatherman Stan Telega in 2008. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Final woods turn one week before Loop in 2010. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • 2010 Start Line. Photo by Loop Fan.
  • Tony and Mike after finishing course setup in 2011. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Gerry Sullivan leaps into Splashdown at 2011 Loop. Photo by Michelle Blum.
  • Meadow start in 2011. Photo by Brian .
  • Tommy Nohilly powers out of Splashdown at the 25th Loop as Mike Paletta and Michelle Blum cheer him on. Photo by Dawn Moore.
  • Cross section of Meadow start in 2011. Photo by Tom Casper.
  • Sweeps finish the Loop in 2011. Photo by Michelle Blum.
  • Former Mets ace and official Loop starter Craig Swan gets out of the way as runners get the start signal from his first pitch. Photo by Brian Lynch.
  • Leatherman's Loop founder Tony Godino (#63) finishes Loop in 2008 with friends Anton Deiters (#67) and Danny Martin (#60). Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Runners line up for start of 2012 Loop. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Runners line up for start of 2012 Loop. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Runners at start of 2012 Loop. Photo by Tom Casper.
  • Ray Viscome crosses Splashdown with help from friends Rich Izzo and Tom Bookless. Photo by Michelle Blum.
  • Runners start out in 2012 Loop. Photo by Tom Casper.
  • Kristina Dittrich of Bedford in 2007 Loop - before and after. Photo by Stacy Smith.
  • Gerry Sullivan finishing Gail's Trail Run (on the Loop course) at the Rez in 2009. Photo by Rob Cummings.
  • Tommy Nohilly crossing Splashdown in 2011. Photo by John Young.
  • Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps in 2011 (photo by Carol Gordon)
  • Leathermans Loop 10k trail run start 2010 - turning into the woods. (photo by Carol Gordon)
  • Tony sporting the Leatherman Harriers club shirt in 2012 before the Loop.
  • Meadow start of Leatherman's Loop 2010 (photo by Carol Gordon)
  • Tony and Don Heppner
  • Tony clearing obstacles from the trail for the runners.
  • Larry Debany coming into Kimberly Bridge.
  • Leading the pack at the 2012 Leatherman's Loop start: Top 3 finshers: Winner Matthew Byrne (bib #1814), 3rd place Roberto Mandje (bib #1066), and seven time Loop winner Tommy Nohilly (bib #1) who finished second overall. Fourth place finisher Matt Rosetti (#1396) and fifth place overall finisher Andrew Capizzi (#365) were close on their heels the whole way. John Jay varisty runner Matt Kershner is just behind Matthew Byrne in this photo and finished 37th overall, just behind rival Benjamin Barton of Fox Lane (in this photo behind Matt Rosetti and Andrew Capizzi) who finished 13th overall and first for the under 19 division.
  • 1994 design by Tim Parshall
  • The Meadow Oak and breaking storm -- Leatherman's Loop 2003
  • 2006 Shirt - Tim Parshall - Gray
  • 2010 Shirt - Jim Jinkins
  • 2004 Shirt - Tim Parshall - White
  • 1996 Shirt - Tim Parshall
  • 1995 shirt - Tim Parshall
  • Race Director Mike Paletta in 2011
  • Kerry
  • Tommy Nohilly
  • Gerry Sullivan
  • Tommy Nohilly

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