Not Registered

Runners appearing here registered for the 2017 Leatherman’s Loop Lottery but did not finalize and pay for their Loop 2017 Registration during the January 20th-27th registration window.

We have offered their spots to runners who were not picked in the Loop Lottery.

If you are one of the runners listed below – you are either kicking yourself for missing the signup window, or you had a change of plans. If it is the former and you would like to get on the waiting list, please contact us and request a spot. Unfortunately, you will be at the end of the line at this point. However, if you want a chance to run in 2017, the earlier you do this the better the chances you will get a spot in the Loop since we are adding people to the wait list every day.


NOT YETKarinaAlbaMamaroneckNY
NOT YETChrisAndersonRidgefieldCT
NOT YETLeeAndersonBrooklynNY
NOT YETAidanAndrewsSouth SalemNY
NOT YETKarleeAnsonsWhite PlainsNY
NOT YETJulietaAntmanCortlandt ManorNY
NOT YETKellyArcherGreenlawnNY
NOT YETJaniceBakerFairfieldCT
NOT YETCorbanBasileNew CanaanCT
NOT YETBrandonBeckTarrytownNY
NOT YETStephanieBeckTarrytownNY
NOT YETKathrynBeckerKatonahNY
NOT YETPhilBedoukianReddingCT
NOT YETscottbernsteinNew YorkNY
NOT YETAnthonyBiancoWaldwickNJ
NOT YETAlanBowesSouth SalemNY
NOT YETBorisBusljetaNew RochelleNY
NOT YETPascaleButcherNorwalkCT
NOT YETSimonButtMount KiscoNY
NOT YETLilyCoddNew CanaanCT
NOT YETJosephColeLindenhurstNY
NOT YETRobertoColladoBronxNY
NOT YETStephanieColucciniHobokenNJ
NOT YETBrendanConnertyNorth HollywoodCA
NOT YETJamesCookStamfordCT
NOT YETRyanCornishBethelCT
NOT YETToriCornishBethelCT
NOT YETKevinCotterDenverCO
NOT YETAlisonCrawfordDobbs FerryNY
NOT YETLianeCurtisPound RidgeNY
NOT YETDande LannoySouthportCT
NOT YETAlexanderDeanWashingtonDC
NOT YETElizabethDeanWashingtonDC
NOT YETMarthaDelgadoCentral IslipNY
NOT YETMatthewDella BittaNew CanaanCT
NOT YETNinaDeLucaGreat BarringtonMA
NOT YETPatrickDennenMiddleburyCT
NOT YETMariaDeRobertidSomersNY
NOT YETBrianDiDonnaMillingtonNJ
NOT YETmichaeldillWiltonCT
NOT YETJohnDunphyRidgefieldCT
NOT YETMorganEigelBedfordNY
NOT YETMichaelEnrightCos CobCT
NOT YETJamesEspositoNorth HollywoodCA
NOT YETTomFalconettiRidgefieldCT
NOT YETKarlFassbergerEast IslipNY
NOT YETMattFeeleyNew RochelleNewNY
NOT YETteresaFellowsOld GreenwichCT
NOT YETAlexFerraraLarchmontNY
NOT YETTedFineStamfordCT
NOT YETAlbertFitchSheltonCT
NOT YETJeffFoleyCanandaiguaNY
NOT YETHaliFravolaBronxNY
NOT YETJosephFravolaBronxNY
NOT YETLaurenFravolaBronxNY
NOT YETGaryFreitagEast IslipNY
NOT YETMeganFreundBrooklynNY
NOT YETTheresaGallagherRoxburyCT
NOT YETJenniferGatesWaccabucNY
NOT YETDanielGayWellesleyMA
NOT YETChristopherGaydosRidgefieldCT
NOT YETNisaGellerKatonahNY
NOT YETRobertGilmoreStormvilleNY
NOT YETChristopherGilsonWhite PlainsNY
NOT YETReinaldoGonzalezYonkersNY
NOT YETJoshGotthelfLarchmontNY
NOT YETZachGotthelfLarchmontNY
NOT YETChrisGradyLagrangevilleNY
NOT YETDavidGradyLagrangevilleNY
NOT YETSeanGradyLagrangevilleNY
NOT YETWillGradyLagrangevilleNY
NOT YETAndrewGuckianPoughquagNY
NOT YETMelissaGuckianPoughquagNY
NOT YETMollyGuilfoyleHastings On HudsonNY
NOT YETPatrickHannonStratfordCT
NOT YETDannyHarcombeWest HarrisonNY
NOT YETBenjaminHarrisBedford HillsNY
NOT YETLukeHealymahopacNY
NOT YETCharlesHeenanNew YorkNY
NOT YETJohnHenleyRockaway ParkNY
NOT YETBradHeymanBrooklynNY
NOT YETSamHorowitzMountain LakesNJ
NOT YETChrisineHursonPleasantvilleNY
NOT YETKatieHusseyGreenwhichCT
NOT YETJimHuvaneSleepy HollowNY
NOT YETConnorJenkinsKatonahNY
NOT YETChristieJohnsonBrewsterNY
NOT YETJonathanKaczynskiEdisonNJ
NOT YETAmeyKalvadeNew YorkNY
NOT YETKatieKennellyNew YorkNY
NOT YETJeffKintzerBedfordNY
NOT YETMichaelKintzerBedfordNY
NOT YETCortneyKleinColumbiaNJ
NOT YETClydeKontyBrooklynNY
NOT YETGlenKutlerRidgefieldCT
NOT YETElia VerenisseLara loredoState CollegePA
NOT YETAronLeglerNew YorkNY
NOT YETGreggLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETKateLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETLilyLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETMackLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETSadieLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETTatumLemkauBedfordNY
NOT YETChrisLeonardGreenwichCT
NOT YETDeborahLeonardGreenwichCT
NOT YETGregLivingstonKatonahNY
NOT YETWillLivingstonKatonahNY
NOT YETAnnaLjungdahlRyeNY
NOT YETBarbaraLykoAstoriaNY
NOT YETSusannLyonsPound RidgeNY
NOT YETBryanMaidanaOradellNJ
NOT YETSteveMakovskyNorwalkCT
NOT YETCarol AnnMalinowskiSarasotaFL
NOT YETJulianManganoSyracuseNY
NOT YETAnthonyMantaValley StreamNY
NOT YETAnthonyMantaValley StreamNY
NOT YETKelly RaeMantaValley StreamNY
NOT YETstephenMarsaleseRye BrookNY
NOT YETJackMasconeIrvingtonNY
NOT YETcesarmaurasWestfieldNJ
NOT YETTerriMcClearyReddingCT
NOT YETRaquelMckinkonPound RidgeNY
NOT YETRobertMeyerHartsdaleNY
NOT YETJohnMeyjesDarienCT
NOT YETMatthewMikowskiCommackNY
NOT YETJudithMonteroYonkersNY
NOT YETcolettemooneyYorktown HeightsNY
NOT YETowenmooney yYorktown HeightsNY
NOT YETArtieMoranNorwalkCT
NOT YETColinMorefieldKatonahNY
NOT YETMichaelMurrayGreenwichCT
NOT YETAlfonsoNaranjoBeaconNY
NOT YETDavidNeuburgerKatonahNY
NOT YETJasonNuttallNew YorkNY
NOT YETBryceO'BrienBedfordNY
NOT YETBryceO'Brien, IIIBedfordNY
NOT YETDanielO'SheaWhite PlainsNY
NOT YETDeirdreO'SheaWhite PlainsNY
NOT YETJoeParciasepeBethelCT
NOT YETStephenParishPound RidgeNY
NOT YETHenryPattersonKatonahNY
NOT YETMichaelPorterHillsboroughNJ
NOT YETAaronRamcharitarWaldenNY
NOT YETJustinRamcharitarWaldenNY
NOT YETJasonRashfordWarwickNY
NOT YETSusanRobinsonCoramNY
NOT YETLesRothenbergNew RochelleNY
NOT YETMaritzaSanchezBronxNY
NOT YETChristopherScannellMiddleburyCT
NOT YETOliviaScaperottiCarmelNY
NOT YETSophiaScaperottiCarmelNY
NOT YETvicscaperottiCarmelNY
NOT YETKristySchurrTuckahoeNY
NOT YETWendySchutteSayvilleNY
NOT YETPJSensbachNew CanaanCT
NOT YETGlennSlovesVoorheesNJ
NOT YETStevenSmithSouthportCT
NOT YETMichaelSpillerNew YorkNY
NOT YETAmandaStanfordKatonahNY
NOT YETMichaelStrubleBedford CornersNY
NOT YETCallaTabakaReddingCT
NOT YETJeffreyTannenbaumKatonahNY
NOT YETNolanTaylorReddingCT
NOT YETBenTignorChapel HillNC
NOT YETJimTignorChapel HillNC
NOT YETKellerTobeySuffieldCT
NOT YETScottTobeySuffieldCT
NOT YETLori annTrumbleynaugatuckCT
NOT YETKenTullochCos CobCT
NOT YETSpencerVinalStamfordCT
NOT YETJenniferWarrenBeaconNY
NOT YETDavidWeinsteinMamaroneckNY
NOT YETJamesWestRiversideCT
NOT YETLindseyWhalenWest NewburyMA
NOT YETBrianWieghausParamusNJ
NOT YETcraigwinslowNew CanaanCT
NOT YETFelipeZaramaSheltonCT
NOT YETIlyaZherebetskiyNew YorkNY
NOT YETKevinZimmermanScarsdaleNY
NOT YETBarryZischangRiversideCT
Runners appearing in this list are NOT registered for the 2017 Loop. They did sign up for the loop lottery but did not follow through as required with payment and the spots were offered to runners on the wait list already.


Click here for a link to a searchable list of Runners who are signed up and ready to run the 2017 Loop (updated periodically).