Doug Gorman Memorial Mud Flats

Doug was excited.  It was April 23, 2006, this was his first Loop and it was going to be a wet one.  Well, all of the Leatherman’s Loops are wet ones, but this one combined an already soaked course with more torrential rain in the forecast. During the 12 hours prior to the race two … Read more

Old New York Times Snippet

Here’s a snippet about the Leatherman’s Loop from the New York Times’ Photographer’s Journal series.  This one is showing a great photo of the 2004 Loop.  Click to see piece.  Unfortunately they called it a 5k race when it is actually a 10k which still happens these days.  Overheard after the 2008 loop “Wow, the … Read more

Westchester Wilderness Walk

Westchester Wilderness Walk, which includes the Zofnass Family Preserve, encompasses rocky woods, hillside streams, lakes and wetlands and, at 150 acres, is the largest of Westchester Land Trust’s preserves. Link to the full trail map here. An eight-mile trail network traverses some of the most rugged terrain in a town noted for its crags and … Read more

How Do You Train?: Leon Levy Preserve

The Leon Levy Preserve is in South Salem, NY.  It is a 383 acre preserve formed in 2005 when the Westchester Land Trust and the Town of Lewisboro purchased this former Bell property.  This was made possible by a contribution from the Jerome Levy Foundation and support from the Dextra Baldwin McGonagle Foundation. The main … Read more

Walking (and Running) Wild Lewisboro

The Lewisboro Land Trust has put together a fantastic booklet for trail lovers (runners, walkers, and hikers can all benefit) called “Walking Wild Lewisboro.” Walking Wild Lewisboro contains details about 20 preserves and parks in Lewisboro, including the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation (#20 in the map shown here) which has its entrance and about 1/3 … Read more

Blasts from the past

The Old Leatherman’s Loop site had a ton of information and articles about the event.  We are working to get more of it integrated into the look of the new site.  In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, here are some “blasts from the past”: One of the best Loop articles written to date (J.B. … Read more