2008 Photo Links – Send Us Your Photos

Here are some photo links from the 2008 Leatherman’s Loop.  Some of the services require you to sign in before viewing the photos.  I have noted these with an asterisk (*) before the link. Here is a link to a collection of photos Ciorsdan Conran took on race day — Click to check if she … Read more

How Do You Train?: Westmoreland Sanctuary

Westmoreland Sanctuary is located at 260 Chestnut Ridge Rd in Bedford, NY.  It is 625 acres and has a perimeter trail of just under 5.5 miles with many connecting trails.  The start and finish of the trails are at the close to the highest point in the sanctuary so any run will start off downhill … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 23, Issue 1

This email went out January 7th, 2009 to runners of the 2007 & 2008 loops who gave us email addresses.  In addition, if you signed up via our website form you should have received this as well. Hello Leatherman’s Loop Runner, Get on those trails and train!  Don’t mind the snow – it’s not as … Read more

How Do You Train?: Butler Preserve Trails

The Arthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuary is owned by the Nature Conservancy.  It is located in Bedford, NY just south of exit 4 on I-684 and across the highway from the Westmoreland Sanctuary. The sanctuary has over 300 acres and a perimeter loop of approximately 4.5 – 5 miles, depending on where you park.  The … Read more

Beauty before me as I run…

“Beauty before me when I run…” Before the Leatherman’s Loop begins, we welcome the runners, thank the volunteers, recognize special guests, and, just before the starting gun/pitch/whistle/bark, an honored guest reads the following poem (below).  The last 10 years it has been read by Danny Martin, the loop’s spiritual advisor (and poem editor).  Seen in … Read more

Old Discussion Board Archive Link

In the previous website there was a discussion board with runner feedback and organizing information from 2001-2008. It is archived below. Click here to view the Wayback Machine’s archive of the prior Leatherman’s Loop site. From the prior website… all text is saved.  May block out the email addresses.  Most recent entries on top. John … Read more

Loop Video

Edit: added videos we find on YouTube and other places. Send us your video link! If you are new to the loop take a look at what you’ll be getting into if you sign up.  If you have run the loop before this will help you reminisce. The video was taken at the 2005 Loop … Read more

Getting Dirty: Leatherman’s Loop – the athletic equivalent of jazz

Leatherman’s Loop • April 25, 2003 • Westchester County, NY Reprinted from old web site. A nice article by Jim Gerweck from April 2003. Titled “Getting Dirty: Leatherman’s Loop – the athletic equivalent of jazz”.  Jim has run the race timing for the Leatherman’s Loop for many years. If, as Marty Liquori once opined, road … Read more

How do you train for the Leatherman?

What trails or roads do you conquer to train for the Leatherman’s Loop (and other trail runs) each year?  Please tell us in the comments what you do to train and what trails (if any) you like.  There are a number of local preserves close to the Reservation that offer single track and wider trails. … Read more