How Do You Train?: Summary of Trails Covered to Date

EDIT 12/2012: We have a constantly updated collection of Westchester and area trail maps here. Let us know if any of your favorites are missing! How do you train for the Leatherman and in general?  In January-February of this year we have published eleven articles about trails and preserves we have trained on.  Let us know … Read more

How Do You Train?: Betsy Sluder Preserve

The Betsy Sluder Preserve is in Armonk, NY off of Old Route 22.  The park stretches behind the old Armonk Bowl and as a bonus – it features one of the Leatherman’s many caves.  It is a 70 acre park with around a 1.5 mile perimeter trail.  The Leatherman’s cave is in the southern part … Read more

2008 Loop Highlights

Conditions were the driest in years – mud is always there but it was harder to find this year than in the past 7 or so years.  Running on his 41st birthday, Tommy Nohilly of Katonah won top male finisher, his 4th Leatherman’s Loop win, with a time of 39:01.  Top female finisher was first … Read more

National Trails Day 2009

The American Hiking Society’s trail awareness program, National Trails Day, will be held on June 6th, 2009.  Check their website for information about the event.  How Successful is National Trails Day? Since 1993, National Trails Day® has grown to inspire many thousands of people to enjoy trails on the same day nationwide. All 50 states … Read more

The Legend of The Leatherman

[This text is originally sourced and adapted from the Trailside Nature Museum’s site here.] One of the most interesting pieces of Westchester County folklore is the living legend of the Leatherman.  The true story of the Leatherman is still shrouded in mystery and controversy.  However, even though we may never know the full story of this … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop: For Caracciolo, Third Time’s a Charm

(republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April 2002 (post-loop article), Cross River, New York Click the article image to view a larger scan of the article form the Lewisboro Ledger in April 2002 from the week after the Leatherman’s Loop. The Leatherman’s Loop 2002 Race Results Sunday, April 28, 2002 • … Read more

10k of Bruising, Squishy Racing

(republished from old website) by Jim Wright, The Bergen Record, March 28, 2002 And now for something completely different: The Leatherman’s Loop, a six-mile steeplechase through the backwoods of northern Westchester County, offers a few certainties. You will get soaking wet when you cross two wide streams.  You will run slower than in any other … Read more

Leatherman Race Throws Boy For A Loop

(republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April, 2001, Cross River, New York Over the years, the Leatherman’s Loop trail race has built a reputation as a supreme natural challenge.  Many a runner have been laid low by its stream crossings, ankle deep mud and steep, rocky trails. But in Sunday’s 15th … Read more

A Race All Its Own

Quirky tradition returns to Cross River (republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April 28, 2005, Cross River, New York Where else could you expect to have a former priest offer a blessing to runners that one race organizer described as being something of a “Navaho/Irish” chant? Or have a former New … Read more

How Do You Train?: Merestead

Merestead is a key trail area in our trail series.  It is a greenway link that helps to join the Butler Preserve, the Meyer Preserve, and the Marsh Sanctuary (and Leonard Park) into a single trail network. You can also access Westmoreland Sanctuary via Butler by crossing a short bridge over interstate 684. Read on … Read more