Loop T-Shirt History

We’ve collected a bunch of of logos and t-shirt designs from the Leatherman’s Loop.  More shirts to be added later!  Many of the t-shirts were designed and drawn by longtime loop participant and artist Tim Parshall.  Last year the shirt was designed and painted by local artist and teacher Heather Kranz. They are now in … Read more


Three months until the Leatherman’s Loop!  Keep training!  The next few days will be good muddy training for the April race thanks to the downpour we’ve experienced.  There is another event on April 25th in Pound Ridge in case you missed out on the Leatherman’s Loop registration (which is closed to new entrants). The event … Read more

Born To Run

“Required reading for all Loop runners!” —Tony Godino, Leatherman’s Loop 21-year Race Director One of the reasons the Leatherman’s Loop is so popular is because it is FUN!  This book is about having fun with your running.  It is also about revealing a truth about all people: that we are born to run long distances, … Read more

Dan DeLuca, Author of “The Old Leather Man” to Speak at Lewisboro Library Jan 31

The Lewisboro Library, located on Main Street in South Salem, will host speaker Dan DeLuca on Sunday, January 31st at 3PM. From their site: Mr. DeLuca is the author of The Old Leather Man: Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend . Mr. DeLuca will shed light on fact versus fiction about the … Read more

Still Working…

We are still working through the hundreds of emails from registration day and afterwards.  If you have a specific question, please contact us (http://www.leathermansloop.org/index.php/site/comments/loop_contact_form/) and please note if you are following up a prior note you sent.  Thanks! -Mike, Tony, Rob

T-shirts cost extra? What gives?

Some shirts will be available for purchase at the Loop but if you want to guarantee availability you should place an order when you register. Take a look at the past year’s designs to get an idea what the shirts are like. We will have the current year’s shirt design online as soon as it … Read more

National Trail Running Day is August 21, 2010

National Trail Running Day is a day to promote, celebrate, and experience the sport of Trail Running. Trail Running is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States with runners taking to the trails of varying difficulties and distances to connect with nature and the environment, while also building strength and more technical … Read more

What we are doing

The registration is closed for 2010. The Loop registration was open for 3 hours and 3 minutes on January 1st starting at 10am and ending at 1:03pm.  We had two online registrars taking registrations at one point.  We don’t think there are many people who did not have some issues (major and minor) with the … Read more