New Trail Opening at the Reservation

Big news from the Trailside Nature Museum Newsletter: “Saturday, May 29th, 10 AM: “Six Rock Hike” Even a park as old as this one still sees the addition of new trails occasionally.  Join us for the maiden voyage along the newly-formed “Six Rock” trail.  This is a rigorous hike that will take us most of … Read more

1992 Results Cleaned Up

Thanks go out to longtime friend of the Loop Mel Cowgill for transcribing the 1992 results from “Running Wild” a (possibly now defunct) magazine with Leatherman article and cover photo featuring the second river crossing (aka “Splashdown”).  Mel double checked the transcript against the boards on this section of the website which contains photos of … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop Results Summary

If you are looking for information about prior Leatherman’s Loop results you have come to the right place.  There are two sources for results on the site.  1.) This page which has a summary of results below and links to each year in a traditional format. 2.) The Clickable Results tool that allows you to … Read more

Post Loop Registration Stats

This information is from our registration database.  The age with the most runners is 39 years old at 82 runners registered.  The oldest runner was 76.  The youngest registered runner was 6 years old!  I don’t think he made it to the finish line. 😮 Youngest finisher was 8 years old. There seems to be … Read more