Loop Tomorrow!

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 25 issue 4: Loop Tomorrow!   “A foot-boggling array of obstacles strategically placed by nature to impede forward motion of the swift and sure-footed kind.” To All Runners: The course is marked and ready to go…  We hope you are too!  The course is soft and looks like pleasant weather will … Read more

4 days til Loop!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 25, Issue 3: Four Days til Loop! All Registered Loop Runners: Four days and counting… Here are some handy maps and directions that should help you get on your way to the Loop. Bib pickup will begin at 7AM on the day of the Loop.  Bibs are kept in alphabetical order … Read more

Sunday Group Runs

4/23-24/2011 – This coming week the Sunday Group Runners will be doing a double header (running Saturday and Sunday AM, your choice or do both!) since Sunday is Easter which might present a problem for some folks.  We will be meeting both days at the Meadow Parking Lot in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for a … Read more

Two Weeks Until 25th Loop

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 25, Issue 2: Two Weeks Until 25th Loop To: All Who are Registered for the 2011 Leatherman’s Loop: Spring is here… Flowers are in bloom…  The deep snow cover is just a memory… That means it’s time for The Leatherman’s Loop! Welcome to the 25th running of the Leatherman’s Loop Trail … Read more

One Month To Go!

Registered Loop Runners, More snow?!? Winter is not giving up without a fight! No matter the weather, it’s still just one month until the 25th running of the Leatherman’s Loop on May 1st!  We are planning a memorable event that will have you wanting more! Our official starter this year will be Tiokasin Ghosthorse. He … Read more