Some Final Thoughts on the 25th Loop

“And for a moment, I stood motionless, listening, understanding, left with only a wisp of myself, as the wind blew into my tear-filled eyes. I run deeper into the woods that laced a canopy above me, clouds joined together with sky. I follow a trail, listening to  winged songs, savoring the sweetness, a soothing scent … Read more

Reflections: The Loop at Twenty Five

“Beauty before me as I run Beauty behind me as I run…” These are the first two lines of the blessing – actually a Celtic-Navajo chant – that we use to begin the Leatherman’s Loop, the long and muddy 10k race in the Pound Ridge Reservation in NY that began 25 years ago with ninety … Read more

25 Years of Loop T-shirts

Chronological gallery of Leatherman’s Loop T-shirts from 1987 – present. Runners have located and photographed samples of the last 4 missing shirts (1992, 1994, 1998, 1999). THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR PITCHING IN TO GET THIS TOGETHER!! UPDATE: Thanks go out to Glenn McCabe who dug out and photographed his 1998 t-shirt. UPDATE 2: Thanks to … Read more