Trail Mix 2019 Fall Races Quickly Approaching

Do you want to know how to guarantee your selection in the Leatherman’s Loop 2020 Lottery this coming January? Simply compete in FOUR or more of the SEVEN Trail Mix Series races in 2019.

If you ran in the 2019 Loop in April you are 1/4 of the way there already! If you ran both the Loop and A Mild Sprain in June 2019, you are already halfway there. Even if you have completed no races in the series to date in 2019 you can still run in 4 of the 5 remaining Trail Mix 2019 Series races and qualify for the series and Loop Lottery selection. See below for dates and links…

Every runner in the 2019 Leatherman’s Loop (April) and A Mild Sprain (June) is entered into the 2019 Trail Mix Series automatically. Check the current standings here.

Check these upcoming Trail Mix races (and some other favorite races of ours):

Trail Mix Series 2019 races:

Other Local Races:

  • Kisco 5k road race (9/15) Mt. Kisco, NY
  • Conquer the Forest 5k trail race at Green Chimneys Clearpool Campus in Kent/Carmel, NY (11/17)
  • For a broad curated list of trail races from Virginia through New England, check this list from Essex Running Club member and Leatherman Harrier Muddiest Runner Chris Jaworski here:

Last but not least – join us on our club website — we do group trail runs throughout the year Sunday mornings at 8am, Locations are available on the site calendar.