Articles and Archives That Help Runners Get To Know or Remember The Loop

Many words have been written about the Loop. Hundreds of Thousands of photos have been taken of the Loop (if you are skeptical, check here!) Hundreds of hours of video has been shot at the Loop including a full length documentary in 2011. We have audio recordings, aerial footage, posters, leather projects, quilts, 3D course dioramas, … Read more


Loop start time: 9AM. Arrive Early! Top Question:Q: Did I (or my friends) get selected in the 2022 Loop Lottery?A: Check this page to see a searchable listing of runners registered for the 2022 Leatherman’s Loop (this list will be updated once the lottery is complete in January 2022). Some quick links to frequent questions … Read more

The Leatherman’s Loop is a Running Show

(Republished from old website) By Don Heppner, The Lewisboro Ledger April, 2001 • Cross River, New York Last Sunday’s weather only helped to make the Leatherman’s Loop race a booming success for the 15th year in a row.  In what has been touted as the largest cross-country race in the northeast, more than 725 runners … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop: For Caracciolo, Third Time’s a Charm

(republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April 2002 (post-loop article), Cross River, New York Click the article image to view a larger scan of the article form the Lewisboro Ledger in April 2002 from the week after the Leatherman’s Loop. The Leatherman’s Loop 2002 Race Results Sunday, April 28, 2002 • … Read more

Leatherman Race Throws Boy For A Loop

(republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April, 2001, Cross River, New York Over the years, the Leatherman’s Loop trail race has built a reputation as a supreme natural challenge.  Many a runner have been laid low by its stream crossings, ankle deep mud and steep, rocky trails. But in Sunday’s 15th … Read more

A Race All Its Own

Quirky tradition returns to Cross River (republished from old website) by J.B. COZENS The Lewisboro Ledger, April 28, 2005, Cross River, New York Where else could you expect to have a former priest offer a blessing to runners that one race organizer described as being something of a “Navaho/Irish” chant? Or have a former New … Read more

Blasts from the past

The Old Leatherman’s Loop site had a ton of information and articles about the event.  We are working to get more of it integrated into the look of the new site.  In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, here are some “blasts from the past”: One of the best Loop articles written to date (J.B. … Read more

Old Discussion Board Archive Link

In the previous website there was a discussion board with runner feedback and organizing information from 2001-2008. It is archived below. Click here to view the Wayback Machine’s archive of the prior Leatherman’s Loop site. From the prior website… all text is saved.  May block out the email addresses.  Most recent entries on top. John … Read more

Old Message Board Posts

Pre-Facebook — and two iterations before this website — the Leatherman Harriers had a basic discussion board on the original Loop website (2001-2008). These are postings from the prior board… all text is saved. Some of the news postings from the Leatherman Harriers are also posted separately on this website as newsletter entries. The most recent entries are … Read more