Loop Lottery 2013

We are gearing up for the Loop Lottery 2013. We ran the entries by full lottery for the 2012 Loop and it made registration much easier for everyone — runners and organizers alike. We are constantly working to put together the simplest, most straightforward sign up, lottery, and winning entrant notification possible. Everyone who is signed up with the … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop On Twitter

We are on Twitter!—http://twitter.com/leathermansloop Mostly the Twitter feed will mirror our Facebook status updates so if you are a friend of the Loop on Facebook already (and actually check in there!) then you don’t need to follow us on Twitter. If you are a fan of Twitter and don’t like facebook, we’ve got you covered. … Read more

Seeking Guest Writers

Do you have a Leatherman’s Loop or trail running story to tell?  Get in touch and we can publish it on the site.  We have published a handful of selected guest pieces in the past year and would love to read your stories.  If you have an entry for our “How Do You Train?” series, … Read more

The Leatherman’s Loop on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account and want to get news from the Leatherman’s Loop, search for us there and become a friend!  http://www.facebook.com/leathermansloop Any news posted here will be fed into the Leatherman’s Loop Facebook account so if you’d rather not constantly check this site to catch up and you are on Facebook then … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop Contact Form

See our FAQ list here. If you have a question it might be answered there. There are a few ways to keep in touch: 1.) Submit your email address (link below) if you want to get notified about Leatherman’s Loop and related news.  Make sure leathermansloop (at) gmail.com is in your address book so our … Read more