Information and Frequently Asked Questions about our COVID-19 policy.

In order to run the Loop in 2022, you must be fully vaccinated by 4/24/2022. This is a requirement from the County of Westchester to hold the event.

We ask this question “I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or will be by April 24, 2022. (answer Yes or No)” when you sign up for the loop via the loop lottery. All registrants who wish to run the Loop must be fully vaccinated by the date of the Loop and must answer the question honestly.

The answer you give is currently based on the honor system – if you say you are vaccinated, we believe you.

Possible more stringent requirements

It is possible we may need to verify your vaccination status at the time of bib pickup, and you do not have proof, you will not be allowed to run in the race.

The main proof source is the CDC vaccine card showing your name and dates of your vaccinations. If this card is required we will also need photo ID with your name matching the CDC card name. For early bib pickup this will hold true as well for whoever is picking up the bib(s).

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: In order to hold the event, we must comply with the County of Westchester requirements. We’d rather not have to ask about or check everyone’s vaccine status. However we definitely want to hold the Leatherman’s Loop after two full years of missing it and 3 full years since the last running in 2019.

We will absolutely jump through the hoops to get this to happen because we don’t want to wait another year. If you ask most of our runners they feel the same way.

We appreciate your cooperation — and if this requirement gets a few more people to get vaccinated for Covid-19 then we think that’s fantastic.

Q: What is “Fully Vaccinated”?

A: Check the CDC page here. As of 1/1/2022 it is 2 weeks after your second dose of a 2-shot course (Pfizer or Moderna) or 2 weeks after a 1-shot course (J&J).

That means if you are not already vaccinated, you would have to get your second shot (of a 2-dose vaccine) by 4/10/2022 or get your first and only shot of the 1-dose vaccine by 4/10/2022. The two dose vaccine is more common so plan ahead so you are not caught short of the date!

Q: Why do I need to be fully vaccinated to run the Loop?

A: Because you will be around over 1,000 other runners exerting themselves over 6.2 miles and COVID-19 is spread primarily by respiratory particles. Vaccination is effective in both 1.) preventing transmission and 2.) greatly reducing the severity of illness if a vaccinated person is exposed and infected.

We don’t want unvaccinated people present at the race for their protection as well as for the protection of other runners. Studies have shown that unvaccinated people are 3-10x more likely to end up in the hospital with COVID complications, with an increasing likelihood for older people. Unvaccinated people are also much more likely to catch and spread the virus to others they come into contact with.

This is about eliminating sources of risk. If you are unvaccinated, you are a huge risk to yourself — and others. And that risk increases geometrically as more people and potential exposures are added.

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