Message from Friends of the Trailside Nature Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

We are pleased to bring you a message from the Friends of the Trailside Nature Museum: The board members of The Friends of Trailside Nature Museum are always so proud to see the annual Leatherman’s Loop! We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Our mission is to support … Read more

2012 Recap

Nearly 1,200 runners gathered at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation early sunday morning for a run “over the river and through the woods” as more than one runner was overheard to say. An unseasonably hot spring dropped back to normal temperatures in time for the 26th running of the Leatherman’s Loop on Earth Day 2012. This, … Read more

2012 Results

2012 Results are posted below. A summary of the event and day is here. A link to the raw html results file is here. If there is a mistake with your time or you are omitted, let us know and we will fix it. 2012 Leatherman’s Loop Cross River, NY April 22, 2012 Click on … Read more

Welcome to the 26th Leatherman’s Loop

The Leatherman Harriers are already at the park right now (5:30am) setting up.  Some of the volunteers (and even some runners!) spent overnight camping at the park campsites. If you missed the logistics email and are looking for detailed directions or guidance, check this article. If you are looking for a map and directions – check … Read more

26th Loop Tomorrow!

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 26 issue 3: Loop Tomorrow! “A foot-boggling array of obstacles strategically placed by nature to impede forward motion of the swift and sure-footed kind.” To All Runners: The course is marked and ready to go…  We hope you are too!  The course is has been dry for weeks and the water … Read more

Five Days and Counting!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 26, Issue 2: Five Days til Loop! Five days and counting… If you missed the earlier detailed instructions and logistics email, click here to read it. Here’s a link to some handy maps and directions that should help you get on your way to the Loop. If you want to make sure you are registered check here: Searchable … Read more

26th Loop in Two Weeks!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 26, Issue 1: Two Weeks Until 26th Loop (Note: this went out as an email to all registered runners for the 2012 Loop. If you did not receive it via email and you are registered, you may want to check your spam folder and set up [email protected] on your address book/white … Read more