Leatherman’s Loop 2012 – All Entries By Lottery!

We are gearing up for the Loop Lottery 2012. This will be the first time we are doing a full lottery for loop entry after a successful partial loop lottery in 2011. We are still working out details and trying to put together the simplest, most straightforward sign up, lottery, and winning entrant notification. More details … Read more

Lottery Closed - Drawing 1/28

The Loop Lottery is closed.  We will have the drawing later in the day on Friday 1/28.  Thanks to everyone who signed up.  We had over 1,100 runners enter the lottery for the available spots.  Everyone who registered for the lottery will be notified via email whether they have won a spot or not.  After … Read more

Registration Continues with Loop Lottery

The Loop Lottery closes on Tuesday 1/25/2011.  The drawing will be 1/28/2011. You can check your registration status via this search page: https://www.raceit.com/Register/registrantSearch.aspx?event=2764.  This also works to check your Loop Lottery entry status if you are entered in the lottery (you have to select “Leatherman’s Loop Lottery” as the event). If you are interested in … Read more

Part 2 - “The Loop Lottery” is OPEN!

Click the link below to sign up for the Loop Lottery: Entry into the Loop Lottery is open until 1/25/11 and drawing is on 1/28/11.  You will receive a Loop Lottery Confirmation Email after entering the lottery. https://www.raceit.com/register/?event=3183 If you sign up for the Loop Lottery we will ask for your payment information.  IMPORTANT: Your … Read more