Loop 2014 Information

[UPDATE: Lottery selections have been made, registration is closed for 2014. If you are looking for 2014 Loop information, please visit the home page for the most recent updates. Advice on preparing for the Loop is here. You can check your registration status by searching here.] The 28th annual Leatherman’s Loop is scheduled for April … Read more

Line Up For #27

 Race is today! Drive safely — see you at the Rez! Directions • Maps • Results (posted after 4pm) Loop Photos (you can upload yours here!)   No same day registration – we are FULL!

27th Loop Tomorrow!

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 27 Issue 3: Loop Tomorrow! “A foot-boggling array of obstacles strategically placed by nature to impede forward motion of the swift and sure-footed kind.” To All Registered Runners: The course is marked and ready to go…  We hope you are too!  The course is in great shape and ready for the … Read more

Four Days to Go…

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 27, Issue 2: Four Days til Loop! Plan to arrive early…  The Loop start time is 9am. Plan to be at the park before 8:20am to get your bibs (and t-shirts if ordered). Even earlier is better and will let you get a look around and some warm up time. If you … Read more

27th Loop in Two Weeks!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 27, Issue 1: Two Weeks Until 27th Loop (Note: this went out as an email to all registered runners for the 2013 Loop. If you did not receive it via email and you are registered, you may want to check your spam folder and set up leathermansloop@gmail.com on your address book/white list.) … Read more

Carpool to the Loop

If you are registered for the Loop (April 21st, 2013), look to get into or create a carpool! Carpooling to the Loop is a time honored tradition and helps everyone out in many ways: Less gas burned = save money. Fewer cars on the road = eases bottlenecks coming into the park. Fewer cars in the parking … Read more

Lottery Picks Made – Emails Out to Runners

2013 Registration Closed

2010 Shirt - Jim Jinkins
Lottery is finished — 2013 Loop registration is closed. We have sent the email notifications to runners who were picked and not picked. The emails went out at 6:20pm on 1/21/2013. (If you have not received your email, check your spam folder.)

If someone else signed up for you in a group, the confirmation went to whichever email address you were signed up with. If you haven’t received a confirmation or consolation note, check the searchable list below.

A searchable list of runners who are in the Loop is here :  https://www.raceit.com/Register/registrantSearch.aspx?event=16744

If you were picked in the Lottery you will appear in this online listing, Congratulations!

Read more

2013 Loop Lottery Registration Closed

The Leatherman’s Loop Lottery 2013 has closed. We will hold the drawing on Monday, January 21st, 2013. Notifications will go out sometime after then — most likely late January 21st and even into January 22nd or the 23rd. We wish everyone luck for the drawing! If you have any questions, please let us know via … Read more

Loop Lottery 2013 Open!

Lottery will be open for 5 full days: January 10 through January 14, 2013. Use the link below to register for the Loop Lottery: https://www.raceit.com/Register/?event=16743 When you finish registering for the Lottery you will receive a confirmation email immediately afterwards. If you don’t receive this email, check your spam folders and search the registrant list … Read more

Leatherman’s Loop 2013 Lottery to open January 10th, 2013

Leatherman’s Loop News: Volume 27, Issue 1 The 27th Running of the Leatherman’s Loop will be on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY. All runner registration will be via Loop Lottery. The Loop Lottery will open at 12:01am Thursday, January 10th, 2013 and close Monday, January 14, 2013 at midnight — 5 full days … Read more