Post Loop 2002 Wrap

AS I see it, there are three groups who need to be thanked for the great success of our 16th Leatherman’s Loop.

First you runners who are by far the most beautiful group of people imaginable to gather together and take on such a difficult task.

Second, our group of 30 friends/volunteers. This group already knows how much they are loved and appreciated.

And third, the Westchester County dept. of Parks and Recreation & conservation. This year they provided not only the setting but also the band-shell, the port-o-johns, the parking, help with the set up and clean up, and much much more. I am asking for your help in thanking them. If you feel inspired, please E-mail them at Be sure to thank parks commissioner Stanley G. Motley, deputy commissioner “Chip” Mathews and John Baker.

Also thank Ken Kegler and the full staff at the “Rez” and let them know if you had a good time.

I plan to respond to each of your comments and suggestions as timi allows.

Stay tuned,