Race Day Logistics

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Aerial photo of Leatherman’s Loop parking, bib pickup, start, and finish areas with key areas marked (click for larger version).

On the day of the Loop the main access road from Route 121 can get backed up quite a bit. Please plan to arrive before 8:10am if you have done the Loop before.

If you are new to the Loop, plan on arriving earlier (before 8:00am) to get your bearings and get set up to run.

It’s a good idea to factor in at least 15 additional minutes of drive time on the 1.5 mile park access road if you arrive during the peak time 8:15-8:45.

So…. If it normally takes you 15 minutes to get to the Meadow Parking Lot in the Rez, you should plan on taking 30 minutes on race day to get parked. If it takes you 45 minutes normally, leave yourself at least an hour travel time. There’s only one way into the park and there are lots of runners arriving at the same time!

Cars arriving before 7:30 can park in the main (paved) meadow parking lot. Cars arriving after then will be directed to the grassy field parking area since the paved meadow lot will be full by 7:30am and likely earlier than that.

Line up to get your bib at the Showmobile (big white trailer). Bibs are arranged alphabetically by last name with “A” closest to the entry stairs and “Z” furthest away. Please listen for the volunteers who will help direct the flow of runners to match them up with their bibs (and shirts if ordered) quickly.

The line moves fast since everyone is pre-registered. (We do not have same day registration.)

Port-o-sans are east of the paved parking lot. If they are not visible at the edge of the parking lot, follow the path into the woods — see photo above on right side. Get there early to avoid lines.

Once you hear the bagpiper start to play — or the announcements — or bells near the showmobile, that’s the signal to get moving to the starting area on the west side of the Meadow. You will see people moving towards the west end of the Meadow for the start. We plan to welcome runners and get things started as close to 9am as possible.

Your help and consideration is appreciated in getting to the start line promptly — especially if the weather is cold and/or wet!

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