Loop Photo Gallery 2011

Click here for a loop day recap.

There were LOTS of cameras out there on Sunday May 1st, 2011. So far we’ve gotten (or are expecting or processing) photos from:

Tommie Copper (Cassie and C.K. ran the Loop while the rest of the Tommie Copper crew gave out compression gear and took photos )
Michelle Blum (pre-racestarting line and startSplashdownpost-Loop)
Tyler Reinke (beginning of Mud Flats near water stop)
Carol Gordon (group shots at beginningKimberly BridgeFinish Line and post race)
David Gordon (pre-racefirst river crossingfinish line)
Tom Casper (pre-racestart of racewaiting at splashdownSplashdownpost-race)
Patricia Cummings (start of race)
Rob Cummings (pre-racepost race awards)
John Cummings (around registration, starting line, and Splashdown)
Jacqueline Choi (photos of the day)
Joanna Kutler (photos of the day)
Christine Petrella (Before, during (including water crossings and mariachi band), and after Loop)

Note: these photos are hosted on SmugMug.com and can be downloaded to your computer for printing if you’d like. SmugMug has a print ordering service but we do not make any money off of it (They do—but the prints are top notch quality!).

• …send us your photos and we can post them!…

Web Album links from:
Dawn Moore (pre-Loop and lots at Splashdown)
Gretchen Menzies (start, Kimberley Bridge, and splashdown)
Steve Mele (splashdown, many others)
• You!

Plus the NY Running Show podcast featuring Frank Colella talking about the 2011 Leatherman’s Loop

Not to forget the many many many photo links on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leathermansloop

Thanks to all of our photgraphers out there. You help us capture the magic of the day! (click read more for some video links…)

Bonus: some videos shot by David Gordon of the first river crossing: