2010 Loop Photo Link Page

imageThanks to all of the Loop runners, spectators, and volunteers yesterday.  A big shout out to the photographers and videographers who documented the Loop in very challenging weather.

Below are links to the photos and videos we have received to date (send yours via email, send a link to your online album, or post the link in the comments below!):

Carol Gordon returned this year and got photos at the start, Kimberly Bridge, and Splashdown!  Great shots again! (updated!)
Tom Casper came and took photos for the first time at the Loop!  Let’s hope he comes back next year too! (updated!)
Steve Mele sent this link to his shutterfly album.
Matt Ammer sent us his photos taken on the trail.
Steve Lovas sent a Loop video!
An article and photos from the Bimbler’s Sound group.
Timothy Burgher sent this album featuring pics of the 3rd overall finisher Justin Kenney enjoying his well deserved strudel.
Lesli Hiller sent us this race day video that starts with photos and continues with video on the trail.
James Lavin sent a link to his album with race shots and featuring his daughter Leore who finished 1st in the 19 and under women’s division!
Great collection of shots from Lindsay Matthews!
imageAdded 4/27 – Pre-Loop and Post-Loop photos from Rob Cummings.
Added 4/27 – Aarti Comstock sent these post-Loop photos
Added 4/27 – Rick Rethorn sent a link to his Facebook album with photos of the Loop.
Added 4/27 – Charles Atherton sent us a large collection of splashdown shots plus some at the start of the Loop.

In the purple heart category we have several reports in of injuries from a twisted (possibly broken?) ankle to a broken finger and knocked out tooth.  Please check in like Dave below (tooth & finger injury – 3rd in his division even after a nasty fall!) so we know you are on your way to recovery.

“Easy success is soon forgotten.” –Jean Renoir