Volunteers are really what make the Loop run. Thank you to everyone who donates their time and expertise to putting on the Loop and making it successful every year.

If you are interested in volunteering, get in touch early since we have most of the assignments filled by early April each year. If you come here after then, get in touch anyway — we sometimes have folks with last minute conflicts and could use some alternates just in case!

Here’s a wildly incomplete set of photos and a list below of recent and former volunteers. [Hello Trail Run Project!]

Race Director “year-round” crew:

Rob Cummings, Race Director, Webmaster

Ciorsdan Conran, Registration & Volunteer Coordinator

Tony GodinoRace Founder & Director Emeritus

Mike Paletta, Chief Volunteer, Overall Utility Guy

Bill Bradsell, Teepee Construction, Course Pre-runner, anything else needed

Loop Spiritual Advisor: Danny Martin

Registration: Tim Evnin, Liz Cope, Judy Godino, Kate Paletta, Michelle Cope, Ciorsdan Conran, Trevor Branch, May Krukiel, Amy Cotter, MaryJoe, Trish LaRosa, Carol Gamez, Mike Berardino, Sharon Brehm, Andy Hafter, Kathy Lynch, Virginia Connolly, Emily Blumenfeld, 

T-shirt runners: The Sabido Girls, Ella Godino, Maiah Godino, Sawyer Cummings, Phoebe Paletta,

Water Stop: Jay Sullivan, Alex Sabido, Andy Hafter, Mary Hafter, Michelle Cope, and Sabido girls

Food Set Up: Tod O. Reed, Manny Sanguily, Jay Sullivan

Race Sweeps: Pat Normandeau and husband Joe, Ciorsdan Conran, Debbie Mullin, Shirley Copeland, Sue Herzog (LVAC sweep), Heather Flournoy, Dan Aitchison (post-race day flag cleanup), Caroline DeFillipo, Peeter Muursepp, Martin Viall, 

Official Starters (from past few years): Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco), Craig Swan, Atka the Wolf, Danny Martin, Tony Godino, John Lawrence, Tiokasen Ghosthorse, Mike Paletta, Joe Amuso, Judy Godino, Liz Cope, Jeff Main, many others.

Kimberly Bridge Marshalls: Jamer Breene, Mike Berardino, Virginia Connolly, Aarti Comstock, Carol Gordon

Finish Line: Jim Gerweck, Ken Littlefield, Mitch Stein, Dave Cope

Parking: Mike Paletta + crew (Peter Menzies, Daniel Tomson, Chris Dowhan, and others..)

Pre-Race Course Checkers (race day): Mike Markhoff, Mitch Stein, Bill Bradsell, and Ken Littlefield, Lee Willett, Joe Cloidt, Peeter Murrsepp, Chris DeMuth, Claudia Kraut, Katrina Bruckner, Michele Zandona, 

Course Map creators (4×8 plywood 3d map): Bill Bradsell, Tony Godino.

T-Shirt Artists: Most Loop shirt designs were created by Tim Parshall (Go-to t-shirt artist for all years not credited to another artist here). Other fantastic shirts done by: Jim Jinkins (2010), Heather Kranz (2009), Suzanne Boshes (1999), Dave Cope (1987, 1988), John Schull (1998), Paul Dorfman (2002). T-shirt art is here.

Musicians: John Henken (bearded bagpiper), Kevin O’Roark (bagpiper), John Lawrence and The Leathermen (bluegrass band), Henry Kramer (viola), Blind Tommy (jazz harmonica), Chris Cassone (electric guitar), Dave Bradford (ukelele). Do you have a musical talent? let us know!

Photographers: Carol Gordon, David Gordon, Tom Casper, Chris Reinke, Tyler Reinke, Michelle Blum, Ella Blum, Rob Cummings, John Cummings, Ciorsdan Conran, Erica Leighton, Maiah Godino, Ryan Reinke, Keith Realander, Alan Wegener, Zoe Wegener, Bram Wegener, and many many others seen through their photos here: http://leathermansloop.smugmug.com.

Documentarians: Christy Leggiero, Dean Leggiero (documentary & history of the Loop 1987-2011), Rob Cummings (brief runner video 2005, 2017 Loop Trailer video), Mitch Stein & Wilderness Bob (2002 Loop Documentary & 2004 Loop documentary). The Old Leather Man documentary & recreation of his 365 mile trek (2015 release expected but delayed).. 

Chief Archivists: Tony Godino, Mel Cowgill (responsible for transcribing all early “paper” based results into computer format in order to enable the Results section to include ALL years of the Loop!), Rob Cummings (this website and printed photo gallery – (color and black and white framed prints are available for exhibition loan)

Course Setting and Trail Cleanup: Tony Godino, Mike Paletta, Rob Cummings, Griffin Cummings, Harrison Paletta, Mark Gordon, Clay Tebbetts, CK Haynesworth, Bill Bradsell, Orion Cummings, Sawyer Cummings, Lee Willett, Dan Aitchison (post race trail cleanup), Erik Foxhall.

Course Sections and Features named for: Sullivan’s Surprise (Gerry Sullivan), Tommy’s Turn (Tom Nohilly), Cowgill’s Corner (Mel Cowgill), Arsenault’s Alley (Kerry Arsenault), Goldblatt’s Gulch (Bob Goldblatt), Gorman Mud Flats (Doug Gorman).

Sunday Runners organizationLee Willett, Rob Cummings, Mark Vincent, Eleanor Hershey, Barry Fagan, Karen Haitoff, Joe Cloidt, Christy Cuomo, Dean Leggiero, Gerry Sullivan, Bettina Sementilli, Annie Bai, Kathy Lynch, Eric Foxhall, Joe Mokczycki, David Vogel, Keith Realander, Ciorsdan Conran, Mario Turriago, more and more each sunday!

Help Feed The Leatherman Food Drive Organization: Dave Ceisler, Sam Ceisler

Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps: LVAC members past and present (thank you!)

Official Musician Driver & Guide: Andy Hafter