2009 Photos


Wow!  We have received lots of photos and are working to put them all up online.  Send us your photos or links to photos.  Our email address is at the end of this article.

Here is the selection of photos we have gotten. If there are any in this collection you would like to see the original image of, please let us know via the comments or via email (specify the image number in your note).

If you are looking for the 2009 Results, they are here.  For a race recap, check this link.

The list of photographers is long and growing (click their names to see their photo collections): Ciorsdan Conran, Carol Gordon, David Gordon, Diane Bradsell, John Cummings, Kerry Ducey, Steve Inbox, Christina Cameris, Lesli Hiller, Rob Cummings, Bruce Schempp (and the Barleycorn Athletic Club), Robert Haley (video), Jerry Turk , Carolyn Rebeck, Gregg Abramson, and Zhara Jones.  THANK YOU for sharing your artistry and fun!

The Bimbler’s Sound group sent a link to photos and video on their website.

Robert Haley sent in some video taken pre-race and on the trails during the Loop. Thanks Robert!

Send us your photos at leathermansloop [at] gmail.com.  If you have lots of photos and email is not going to work, send us a note and we’ll give you our mailing address for sending a CD.  Thanks in advance!