Loop HQ Pre-Race Report 2004

Your race organizers wish to thank the hundreds of you who have pre-registered for the 18th “Loop”. We especially thank those of you who come back to our event year after year. Some of you have become trail “legends” in our eyes.

Plan to be joined this year by running journalist Toby Tanser and Metro Sports N.Y. editor Jeremy Shweder. Toby has run a 28:45 10k. and wants to test the mud. Wilderness Bob Detmer will be there to create another video and Rolf Anker will be there for stills. An older and wiser “Leatherman” may also make an appearance.

We encourage all of you to submit pre or post race comments to this discussion page or to e-mail them to us. We find them to be useful and we really enjoy hearing from you. We plan to post race updates from time to time.

To both runners and organizers the “Loop” has become more than just another running race. Enjoy the day!


Tony Judy Dave Liz Ken Mitch and all of volunteers