Loop 2004 Post Wrap

First, it’s nice to see comments to this page submitted by some of our runners. I had come to believe that Mitch and I were just sending “loop” updates to each other.

Speaking of Mitch, he is in the process of posting the 2004 photographs. He is a very busy guy so I ask you to be patient and assure everyone that they will be worth the wait. Rolf Anker, Bob Goldblatt and Kelly McCoy have all contributed some amazing shots.

Along the same lines, the rough editing of the new race video has been completed by “Wilderness” Bob Detmer. He needs to reduce 8 hours of interviews and action from four video cams to a finished dvd approx. 30 minutes long.This is very time consuming but we hope to see the finished product by the end of May. We plan to offer tapes or dvd’s at affordable prices to any interested parties. Some of you have already placed orders but I suggest waiting until Mitch posts the ordering details.

One last note regarding this years race winner. Your organizers have decided to consider Tommy Nohilly’s time of 38:33 a course record. It is the fastest time in 11 years and there have been several course changes during that time. Congratulations to this amazing runner who has run the 7th. fastest time ever in the U.S. in the steeplechase.