19th Leatherman’s Loop Post-Race Newsletter

19th Leatherman’s Loop Post-Race Newsletter • April 2005

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the 19th running of the Leatherman’s Loop.

You each must have brought something special to the “Rez” with you because the beautiful spirit of the event reached an all time peak. When Danny Martin was serving as a priest in Kenya the people in his village called him rain-maker. Last Sunday he became sun-maker.

This Newsletter includes a view of the event through Danny’s eyes.  Read on and enjoy….

We would very much appreciate your comments!  Please take the time to send us your thoughts regarding any or all of the race components. They include the new map, the Leatherman (Stan Telega),  the first pitch start by Craig Swan, the courage of Ken Littlefield who volunteered to catch that first pitch coming from a former 95 mile-per-hour hurler, the electronic scoring by Jim Gerwek, and, of course, the Navaho/Irish chant that set the tone. Your words will be forwarded to the specific person to whom they pertain. Also, feel free to post comments on the discussion page of the web site for others to see.

It seems that a young male runner competed barefoot from start to finish. Does anybody know who that brave soul was?  We would love to know his story.

Finally, it took nearly 50 volunteers, park staff and medical personnel to stage the event. They appreciate your graciousness as much as we appreciate their giving of their time.

Tony, Judy, David, Liz, Mitch and Ken

Lord Ewing (barefoot runner, left side) and Leatherman Stan - Loop 2005