20th Running of the Leatherman’s Loop

To: All 2006 Leatherman’s Loop Participants      

Thank you for choosing to travel out to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation to run the 2006 edition of the Leatherman’s Loop.  There are a record number of you this year, so it is especially important for each of you to read the following instructions.

1. Arrive early!  Most of you know already that the County of Westchester collects an $8 parking fee for each car. If everyone tries to arrive at 8:30, the park entrance becomes a major bottleneck.   Race sign-in commences at 7:00AM so please plan to arrive early. Also, The Kid’s Loop will start at exactly 8:20AM and will finish at the teepee. We would love to have most of our runners in the park to cheer on the youngsters.

2. Please maintain quiet during the pre-race announcements. If all of you are talking, most will not be able to hear what is being said. We only get to talk to most of you in person for ten minutes a year so we would really like you to listen.

3. To help us with the race scoring, please make certain that your race number bib is exposed before you enter the finishing shoots and do not pin the tear-strip at the bottom of the bib to your shirt.  If you wish, at the beginning of the race, you can wear an extra layer over the shirt your number is pinned to which you can discard as you run by the teepee. It will be there for you when you finish.

4. Craig Swan (former N.Y. Mets ace) will start the race with a ceremonial first pitch again this year. Don’t worry if you are not able to see Craig because Chief Drew Marchiano will fire the starter pistol when it is time to go.

5. Please, please, please exercise caution and common sense at both of the stream crossings. Ease into each crossing slowly and do not enter them full stride. Pick your footing slowly and cautiously as you cross and use extra caution when exiting.

6. If you are bring youngsters to participate in the Kid’s Loop, you should plan to be parked by 8:00AM at the latest.

7. Bring a full set of warm dry clothes to change in to after you finish.

8. Danny Martin will be offering another pre-race Navaho/Irish blessing/chant. If you listen to his words your feet will barely touch the ground as you traverse the course.

9. Stan Telega will be present as The Leatherman again this year. Feel free to engage him for talk or, better yet, for photographs.

10. If the weather is decent, expect some surprises out on the course this year. Make some noise if you see anything out of the ordinary.

11. We will make every effort to start on time but if we are delayed, we ask for your patience.

12. Full race finishing results will be posted to the web site www.leathermansloop.org fairly soon after the race.

Your event organizers have gone the extra mile this year with the intent of offering an experience to each of you that you won’t soon forget. Please feel free to e-mail us with feedback or post comments on the discussion page of the web site for all to see.

See you in the “Rez”,

Tony Judy Dave Liz Ken and Mitch