Leatherman’s Loop News (Apr 21, 2008)

All Registered Loop Runners:

Six days and counting!

A reminder from the Pound Ridge Reservation park management: On Sunday PLEASE respect the park speed limit of 15 MPH while driving on the park roads.  Please take special care driving the roadway into the park and to the parking meadow.  It is going to be tight parking and we’d like to pack ’em in!

Plan to arrive early!  The Loop starts at 9am.  Plan to be at the park by 8:30am to get your bibs (and t-shirts if ordered).

There will be volunteers directing the parking and guiding cars to park efficiently.  Please follow their directions!

The course looks good after some bushwhacking by a crack team of Leatherman Harriers and Team Mossman volunteers this past saturday.  Tony was out with his new saw blade cutting those nasty short stumps flush to the ground.  A crayfish eyed us warily as we waded past on the first river crossing.  Never fear — there are still some nice obstacles and ‘trail features’ to keep you all on your toes.

The above-water parts of the trail are remarkably dry for this time of year.  Of course sometimes if we say the word ‘dry’ too many times, mother nature has a way of turning that around…  dry dry dry dry dry dry…

Have a safe trip — CAR POOL if you can!  Park & Ride from Katonah train station lot on Woodbridge Road or John Jay High School on Route 121.

See you on the 27th!

-Mike, Kate, Rob, and the rest of the Volunteers