2009 Loop Recap

Cross River, NY • April 26, 2009
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Veteran runners near the center of the starting line for the 2009 Loop.
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Records all around today!  We had not only a temperature record for the Loop but the unseasonably hot weather set all time high records across the region.  Click here for complete race times.

imageRace records were set too!  Tommy Nohilly won his 5th Leatherman’s Loop.  Kerry Arsenault won her 7th Loop today.  Congratulations to both on exceptional feats especially in the heat!  We also had a record number of participants – over 900 runners crossed the finish line.

The youngest runners of the day were Orion “Junior Mint” Cummings (7) of South Salem and Sophia Meloni (8) of New York City.  Both crossed the finish line ahead of their parents!  There were a record number of kids 12 and under—15 total—running the Loop today.

imageThe masters men on the course today were John Young (75), Ian Beck (73), and Donald Offerman (71).  Multi-Loop runners Carol Dillon and Shirley Iselin represented the masters women.

We had a few runners who succumbed to the unseasonal heat and would like to hear from them.  [Edit: two have checked in and both are feeling better.]


Not one, but TWO bagpipers were in attendance.  Runners were called to the start line by bagpiper #1.  Tony escorted the second bagpiper, Kevin O’Roark, to the top of “The Wall” to help pull runners to the top.  At around the 3/4 mark, “Blind Tommy” regaled the surprised runners with his blues harmonica.  One runner was heard to remark about the “Blues Brother Guy” out there in the woods all in black.

Snakes and deer were sighted along the way but happily no incidents of nature vs human collisions took place.

Thank you to all of the runners who donated food to the The Community Center of Northern Westchester in our first “Help Feed The Leatherman” food drive.  The food donated came to a total of 701 pounds plus $20 cash from runners who forgot their food donations but still wanted to contribute.  We’re thinking this can become an annual drive with your help and support.  What do you think?


The stories are coming in along with photos from the day.  Keep them coming!  The day is a tapestry of everyone’s experience and the stories are the best part.


‘Richard Nichols’ ‘Second Loop and the heat was a big factor. I was aiming for sub 50 and started at the front so I wouldnt get caught in the bottleneck. My mouth was parched by mile 2 and felt overheated pretty much the whole way. Managed 54:08 and reckon the heat accounted for about 3 minutes.\nBrought 15 new Loopers with me and they loved it!!\nThank you for a great race’

‘Harrison Dunne’ ‘Hey All-\n\nGreat race however I my name/time is not showing up among the results. Would be great to get the satisfaction of seeing my name among the finishers. I finished somewhere between 52-58 minutes. Is it possable my name slipped between the cracks? Not sure what my bib # was but I can find out. The bib did have my name on it.\n\n-Harrison Dunne \nRowayton CT’

‘Rosie “LeatherLady” Sellati’ ‘Second time around and muddier and wetter than the first. I was running as a VIP (graciously permitted to run even though the race was full) so I figured I would make my participation unique. Running in a long fur and leather vest wasn”t as hot as the long red wig. really it wasn”t:) I went down three times in the first water crossing and was so dehydrated by the time we got to the sand dune that I started to hear bagpipes…then an angel helping hand gave me the motivation to go on…through the mud and the muck and the way-deep waters. I finished strong and proud. Thanks for letting me be free to be me. God bless!’)

‘KLange’ ‘Unfortunately, the heat got the best of me yesterday and I was overcome with heat exhaustion near the last water crossing. I was sent to the hospital for observation and released once my blood pressure returned to normal. Things were a bit of a blur for me after I collapsed. but I know that there were many people that helped me out and I really want to thank all of you. You were all great and I really appreciate everything that you did to help me recover. I apologize for the inconvenience that I caused.\n\nKevin Lange\nPleasantville NY’

‘Jimbo’ ‘Great Outing…thanks to all the volunteers. \n\nBeen running since ”86 and can”t remember it being so hot. Wait a second – I can”t remember ANY of the races – blotted them from my memory after the finish!\n\nCan”t wait for next year…!\n\nbtw – my nephew Drew Kapp wants to know…what”s with the TURKEY in 37th Place?’

‘John Young’ ‘Thanks to everyone for a well organized and great Leatherman! Yeah, the temps were high and the mud was deep, but another beautiful experience. And, the strudel made it all worthwhile! I look forward to 2010!’

‘dhegley’ ‘I”m a Loop veteran, and always happy that the race has something surprising every year. This year it was the heat, who knows what it will be next year? I love this race, everything about it. Congrats to all who ran and finished, well done. Check out my blog posts if you have the time: \nhttp://notesonarunninglife.blogspot.com/\nUntil next year,\nDouglas’

‘Stu’ ‘It was a nice touch with the name tags. I also see some people had some interesting names (i.e. MUD). A great personal touch, that I believe Rob was responsible for!\n\nStu’

‘paul dell”aquilo’ ‘Great event.. came as part of the Bayville, Locust Valley contingent honoring the life of Doug Gorman.. it was great to see doug”s sister and brother at the race, along with great friends from the vetrinary practice…. hope to do it again next year, the year after and so on.. sorry that we had to rush home and not go to the picnic.. next year going to make a day of it.. regarding the race… i not a great runner..but that has to be the toughest 10k x-country race in the east coast….’

‘Lanny Baker’ ‘Thank you to everyone who planed, organized and volunteered to put on yesterday”s excellent event! The crowd from the stream to the finish deserves credit for cheering time off the clock, too.\n\nIt was my first time on the Loop and boy did I learn a thing or two! Wiped out in the mud, bonked my head on a tree nearly stepped on a big ol” snake and saw firsthand what fun you guys & gals have been having with this race. I have never seen such a generous offering of post-race food as I found in the bagelbarn.\n\nThank you!’

‘Jo Ann Hickey’ ‘My 6th time and as always a BLAST! Thanks to all the volunteers for making this so successful and such good fun. Loved the Harmonica player! I too almost stepped on a large black snake. Again, my group camped in the res the night before, definitely a great experience.\n\nNow this isn”t criticism merely a suggestion. Save some fruit for those runners who cross the finish line after 1 hour 30 minutes!\n\nI ran in beauty!’

‘Mr Bimble’ ‘This was my 6th loop but the first time I finished ahead of Kerry (not that we”re competitive in our house!). Also came with nearly 20 friends who make the Loop an annual road trip and four of them came home with pies or donuts. Thanks for putting on such a fun race and the personalized bib.’

‘Brian Stempel’ ‘My third time ”through the Loop”. \n\nFirst time I was sick as a dog but ran anyway result – 1:20. \n\nSecond time sprained my ankle one mile in and (foolishly) finished anyway result 1:17. \n\nThis time with the heat mud and re-injuring my ankle all concerns I overheated a bit after the “sand pit” (btw that is the only vertical ”pit” I”ve ever seen) wiped out in the last river crossing but got up quickly to continue on to the cheers of the spectators and a high-five from the race coordinator result – 1:12 and a big smile on my face.\n\nI am always impressed by what a great event this is. Just a few of my favorite things about the race (in no specific order)\n – The pre-race beauty prayer\n – The volunteers that make it all happen (I got to know the EMTs pretty well last year)\n – The participants of all skill levels who support each other before after and during the race\n – The beauty and physical challenge of the loop \n – The sense of community for lack of a better word you feel running though that terrain with 900+ other runners in the solitude of the reservation. \n\nTruly a day of beauty. Thanks to all.\n\nAnd yes I vote to keep the food drive for next year. Providing something to those in need as many did for the Leatherman seem highly appropriate. Especially in this economy when so many have been adversely effected.\n\nSee you all next year.’

‘Adrian’ ‘I love the Loop!! Never ran a better trail 10K! Thanks everyone from coordinators and directors to all participants as well for making this such a great event that never gets old and continues to have the right attitude!!! \n\nI have ran the Loop like 4-5 times not sure exactly; this was definitely a challenging one for me; should not have had that last drink the night before but I was glad I made it and ran it the best I could. Most gratifying first time I get a nice war wound caught my shin on a rock at the last river crossing and was bleeding nicely as I made my last stretch to the finish!!!! I hope to see some of my war wound pics posted on the site (bib#452) not to discourage anyone from running it of course these things happen + adds more flavor to the adventure!! or am I wrong?\n\nOne last comment it was funny to see today the added front of the pack pic at the start… I thought I”d see me there but once again I was cropped!!! ha ha ha I was about 2 spots over to the left both times… can we add a pic of the middle to left of the pack ??? If Dr. Stu is reading this I”m sure he would sympathize with me!!!!\nTake care all !!!!!’