See You Tomorrow!

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 23 issue 9: See You Tomorrow!


To All Runners:

The course is flagged and ready to go…  We hope you are too!

The gate attendant at the park will be waving loop participants through – no $8 park entry fee.  We included the parking fee in your race registration. 

Arrive early – drive carefully.  We would like to begin as close to 9am as possible due to the extreme warm weather we are experiencing.  Plan on having your bibs and heading right to the starting line at 8:45 am.  We will have just a few pre-race announcements then the 23rd running of the Leatherman’s Loop will commence.

For detailed logistics information about the Loop, check this article.

To help us with the race scoring, please make certain that your race number bib is exposed before you enter the finishing chute and do not pin the tear-strip at the bottom of the bib to your shirt.  If you wish (and if it is not already 80 degrees!) at the beginning of the race, you can wear an extra layer over the shirt your number is pinned to which you can discard as you run by the teepee. It will be there for you when you finish.

Please, please, please exercise caution and common sense at both of the stream crossings. Ease into each crossing slowly and do not enter them full stride. Pick your footing slowly and cautiously as you cross and use extra caution when exiting.  The exit of the first stream crossing was slippery today and will most likely be tomorrow.  Help the runner in front and the one behind if possible.

Bring a full set of warm dry clothes (including socks and shoes) to change in to after you finish.  You will get wet!

Don’t forget your food donation to the Community Center of Northern Westchester – “Help Feed the Leatherman!”  Look for the van with the banner!

Maps and directions are on the website here.

Full race finishing results will be posted to the web site fairly soon after the race.

If you see the Leatherman on the trails, let out a yell! 

See you bright and early tomorrow!

Mike, Tony, Kate, Rob, Bill, and the Loop Volunteers