Born To Run

image“Required reading for all Loop runners!”
—Tony Godino, Leatherman’s Loop 21-year Race Director

One of the reasons the Leatherman’s Loop is so popular is because it is FUN!  This book is about having fun with your running.  It is also about revealing a truth about all people: that we are born to run long distances, over rough terrain, and we should run for the sheer joy of running.

The author weaves a tale of the Tarahumara people of Mexico who run incredible distances through some of the toughest terrain on earth and an American who calls himself Caballo Blanco “a mysterious loner who lives among the tribe.” It includes the science and study of running along with other unforgettable people and races.  There are many book reviews and testimonials on the web.  The site is run by one of the ultrarunners from the book nicknamed “Barefoot Ted.” 

Search on the book title and author, Christopher McDougall and you will get lots of sites with more information. 

Here’s a video clip by the book’s author.  Watch his running stride and check out his footwear.