Loop Registration Trips Over A Root and Faceplants into the Mud…

It was an inauspicious start to the brand new year with record numbers of registrants—many trying yet unable to quickly register.  For that we apologize and are deeply embarrassed.

It will not help those unable to register, but here is an explanation of what happened.

A number of factors at our registration provider, AllSportCentral.com, contributed to the registration failures.  As they explained to us afterwards:
– They send promotional emails about races on the 16th and at the end of each month.  The half million emails went out 12/31 and responses from those came in at around the same time as Loop entries were coming in.
– Another big race emailed an additional 50,000 registration reminder emails in the morning for AllSport’s registration.
– By far the biggest factor was a misconfigured ‘load balancing server’ that spreads any surge in registration traffic out to multiple different registration servers in their offices.  This was not configured correctly so one small server was taking the hit from the two items above and the Loop registration.

These items were addressed by AllSport by 11am but by then the damage had been done.  We were still receiving reports of registration difficulties so we scrambled and set up an alternate registration site at Active.com which was online for about an hour between 10:45 and 11:45.  We shut this alternative site down when the problems at AllSport were resolved and we could see the registration page coming up consistently.  Anyone who registered there (active.com) is in our system and registered.

AllSport is now in the process of going through web, email, and call logs to contact those who were shut out during the problem times.  We stopped the registration with hopefully enough room to accommodate most of those folks.  It is not going to be easy to track everyone down and there will unfortunately not be a way to ensure perfection in the process.  We will do our best though.

A lot of folks had feedback asking why we use AllSportCentral.com.  We have used their registration services for the last 4 years and until this year had been extremely pleased with their service.  Even after this year’s registration problems, we believe they are a great organization.  We were forced to get to know Active.com’s registration services very quickly and were also impressed with their offerings.  They still lose out in a few areas to AllSport though so we will have to consider carefully for next year.

The Loop is a special event, but it is one of many trail races in this increasingly popular sport.  Every person who runs it and loves it tells their friends.  We love that runners return every year and the legend builds.  We struggle with the course limitations every year.  The loop has been closed out well before the race date in the past 4 years.

We will be looking at changes to the registration process for the future.  If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them.  Some alternatives to the open registration are: lottery, staggered registration, the Dipsea combination model (invitational, open), or some other hybrid.  No method will be perfect and unfortunately some will always end up excluded.

The course limitation is pretty well established and is based on a combination of park needs, trail durability, parking availability (carpooling helps!), and sanity.  We are willing to trade a larger race for one that will actually continue AND be welcome by the park in the future.  We are only there for the day, but the park staff, local trail runners, hiking patrons, park attendees, and non-runners are there 365 days a year.  We are guests and are grateful to the park for allowing us to continue this tradition for the 24th year!

UPDATE: late 2010… Below is a chronological recap of the comments from 1/1/10 reflecting the frustrations (and minor triumphs) of runners trying to register on race day.

We got in touch with every one of these runners and offered them spots to run after the park allowed us to expand the running field.  Others who didn’t leave comments on 1/1/10 but got in touch were also offered spots in the race.  In the end we hope everyone was satisfied and was able to register.

This was by far the most comments we have gotten on a single post!  Posters names have been removed to protect the faint of heart.  Can you find your comment?

Next year will be different!



Have been trying to signup using All Sport for about
5 minutes and continue to get error messages that the site is not working.
Please advise. Thanks.

2Same Here!3

The same had been happening to me – I would click on
the “click here to register” and it would bring me to the error
page. Now when I click on it my computer freezes!


I can’t get through to register… the server is

5Might be getting overloaded6ditto for me and my two lovely teenage girls!7

trying to register myself and a few others cannot
get on site


Help! Wanna run the loop but cannot get into the


Keep trying – they have handled Loop registration
for the past 4 years without a hitch. Talked with AllSport a few minutes ago
and they are keeping an eye on things. We are seeing registration
confirmations come through now. See you in April! -Rob


yo, this blows. Registration site is down. Got 10
people all stressed out, trying to register. Can we call in the
registrations. Have run for several years, and don’t want to miss this year.


I have been trying for half an hour to get onto the
registration site and it is impossible it keeps bringing me to an error page


Both my husband and myself have been trying to
register since 10 a.m. on different computers and are having no luck.


I have been trying since 10am to no avail. Site
keeps crashing.

14I JUST got registered!!!15

Have been trying since 10 to register – finally got
on to the AllSportCentral site, but it is hanging when I click to register.


I see the update notification that says registration
is now working fine but I still cannot register. Please try again to fix


39 minutes and counting…they should have been more
prepared for this.


This is the worst registration process I have ever
seen. I have been trying to register for 40 minutes and just keep getting
errors. I need to register myself and my 2 sons. This is a great way to start
the new year. Thanks


Still waiting. Active.com is a much better site for
online race registration.


been trying since 10 and no luck All Sports has no
to answer phone either, why is this


I think we should get a definition of
“smoothly”. smile looks like its a good thing I didn’t plan anything
else today. 45 minutes and counting


OMG this is grueling Got to the registration page
and then it kicked me out so I couldnt finish. 45 minutes is about my limit
at this point. Good luck everyone who is able to register it really is a fun
race doesnt look like registration is allowing me to join you this year.


Everyone better check you charge cards…I’m getting
page cant be displayed but when I check the credit card account…the charge
is going through….I have multiple charges now….

2448 minutes of frustration and its still crashing25

smileys…what are you kidding!!! Trying to
reg…have done for 5 years….you need to do something!!!!


For the record I (Tim Ivey) have been trying since
10 on two PCs, nada!


What is going on with this site? Was it built with
leaves and sticks from the trail? This is horrendous.


Still can’t get through. Maybe this comment will
give me a spot in the race?


i would like it noted and documented that alan
critchell of new canaan is and has been trying since 10am EST for a spot to
run. nothing but crashes on the site. i wannna run


allsports site still down. it’s 10:50 EST right now.


Registration. Results. Relax. Yeah, relax, maybe ten
years from now I’ll get through! I guess the 2007 Loop was my last. At least
there’s Mudders and Grunters. Got on at 10am. What good it got me.


Dan… I had the same thing. I hit the OK button
when it asks about hitting your credit card and then it crashes. This
happened about 6 times. Are you saying our credit cards will be hit for all
these charges and we are still not registered? This is a complete boondoggle.


Me too, been trying since 10am no confirmation but
am getting charged.


Eager to sign up for the run, and have been tryning
since 10 a.m. and it is now almost 11 a.m., to no success. Hope allsport can
correct its problems. Looking forward to the race!


@Phil, I get crashes…have yet to get a
confirmation…but the charge did go through. Woo Hoo, got one person
registered…hope its only one charge…keep an eye on the card you are
using, my advice…


this is probably a pc (passed off as a server) in
some guy’s basement which normally gets 3-5 hits an hour, this morning it’s
getting a hundred times that in a few minutes and can’t handle it … have
been at it since 10, now 11

37still trying after 45 minutes and nada38

Having as much fun as everyone else since 10am smile
Just wanted to post in case this helps get my spot this year! smile – When they
figure out the first 200 spots are filled on the same credit card smile))


PS—the Leatherman Loop’s site clock for comments
is off by an hour from Eastern Standard Time.


Still trying, I need to get in this year. I missed
out last year and my friends will kill me

41Credit Card got charged. Will I get a confirmation?42

I have been trying to register myself and another
who does not do internet and so far I am only in. After opening two browsers
and getting error pages and kicked back a dozen times. Who is All sport?
Maybe Active could handle this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the site is still not working I finally was able to
enter my CC info and then it hung up and crashed so I have no idea if I am
registered or not


if I can get in, I hope my legs go faster than the
registration. My PB is about 65 minutes and I have been doing this for 58,
what a race!


I know i said that 45 minutes is my limit and here i
am still trying…I really want to run. one more try………still cant get
on now the site isnt even coming up it says internet explorer cannot display
the page – the site has crashed i’m done!!!!!!


We still can’t register and no one is answering at
allsport. Grr


This registration process is worse than my 3-hour
experience at the Norwalk, CT DMV yesterday.


It is now 11:02 and I have been trying for an hour
to register. I actually thought I got through (the URL says
“receipt” in it), but the page never loaded. Aiiigghhh. Allsport
needs to simplify their registration screens so the don’t overload their
servers with as many transactions.


I cannot register; page is not opening; servernot


Trying to register since 10a.m. … have been able
to enter my personal information several times, but never even get to the
credit card entry page. Have left a message with All Sport Central as well.
Will keep trying!

51Same problem as everyone lese52

have been trying to get through for over an hour. my
wife registered but reeived confirmation for another person. check your
charge cards

53Torture. Worse than 93 degrees in April!54

I have been trying to register for over an hour now
with no luck, despite the message that all is now working! I love the Loop
but this process is really not working. It is worse than trying to get
concert tickets! You should have left the registration time as 12 then maybe
the website would have been able to handle the activity since all 900 people
weren’t trying to register at once!

55Looks like Y2K came ten years late!56Still Trying at 11:0957

I am getting the registration set up on Active.com
to switch registration providers. If you can get in to AllSport register
there. I will post a link to the Active site as soon as it is set up. We are
deeply sorry about this situation. It is embarrassing and a complete
disaster. The registration has been set up for weeks and we don’t know what
is going on at AllSport to cause this to happen. We have used them for years
with no problem. Again – we are very sorry and apologize for starting the new
year off on the wrong foot.


Got my wife in, now hoping I can get in….at least
I knew who to register first. smile

59it should not be this hard!60

Am not able to register for this year’s race. Please
advise. Have been trying for more than an hour w/no luck. Thank you—Mary


I have been trying since 10:00, it’s now 11:15…I
put in all my information and then got kicked off of the site…The error
screen says that they will take registration over the phone…But no one is


Been trying since 10:15 and this site keeps
crashing. Made it almost to the end twice now. Beyond frustrating.


Same here! I’ve been trying on and off since 10:00
AM, no luck! Also, no answer at all sports. Now what???


Please let us give you our names. I’m trying on two
different computers and can’t get through.


I.ve run the race for 12 years now as well as the
where thepavement ends for 2 and i can say I’ve never been more frustrated
and angry as I am over this whole registration process. I’ve called active’s
number only to leave voicemails I’m sure will never be retirned. After and
hour and a half on the computer I’m done. Hopefully the pavement ends race
will be back this year but as for the leatherman I’ll run the trails on my
own. mark


I have been trying since before 10A – will this
allow me a spot?


Try the new registration provider Active.com:
http://www.active.com/running/cross-river-ny/leathermans-loop-2010 We are
shutting down AllSportCentral.com registration


Finally got the three of us registered. The last one
went through pretty quickly. Keep trying, things seem to be clearing up. Good
luck and see you at the race. Eric


I registered om All Sport. Now you are switching to
Active. Does my All SPort registration mean I am all set or do I need to
register again on Active? Help!!!


So, we don’t need to re-register if we got in on
allsportcentral, right?


Got one in through the original link and one through
the new link. Woo Hoo! I may not stand in line the day after
thanksgiving…but I’ll keep slamming away to run a race that I’ve heard so
much about! Would even be willing to pay a bit more to use a more mainstream
registration provider….wink wink… Thanks and see ya in April, right now
its off to the Disney HM next week!


Active took just a few minutes … great race to


Took 38 minutes but we got registered! That was on
all sport but looks like they might be shutting that avenue down for


I actually finally got in on Allsport and paid
there. Can you confirm that this is OK or do I need to re-register on


well with great determination and patience I was
able to register myself and my husban through all sports. Maybe you opening
up an account with active.com made allsports rise to the occassion. Whatever
finally happened..YAY I’m in again cant wait to see you on the 25th of april.


I’m with Zach and Eric; they have to honor the fact
that we have been registered at all sport! I have a receipt- right?


i’ve entered my credit card # 10 times so
far…..must be a better way


My friend and I both registered at All Sport (we fly
in every year from Nashville). I assume that we are official-would hate to
train and make the flight, show up with our receipt and told with tears that
we could not torture ourselves on the wooded trails of WPR! Russ


after trying for an hour to register on allsport, i
just clicked on the active.com link and get a message saying registration is
no longer available! so my friends and i have completely missed out?? how


just got registered through Active.com, no problem.
Thanks for making the switch. See you all in April. Happy Y2K+10, everyone.


Active says it’s now closed?? Anything else we can


I have been trying for over an hour to register.
Just can’t get the registration link to work. I definetly want to register,
could you please email me back for all my CC info. Thanks Maria


Active.com now says online registration for this
event is closed. True? Meanwhile, everyone cut the Leatherman crew some
slack. They are obviously victims of this provider screwup as well.


I managed to finally get registered on Active.com,
but now it says that the event is full, is this just the server having
trouble or is the race full now? My friend asked me to enter her as the
allsportslink wasn’t working for her before, an ideas?


I’ve been trying to log onto event for an hour now.
Finally made it to payment page then got booted out. Is registration still


I registered my husband and son but the AS website
was shut down in the middle of my registration. By the time I got to Active
it was closed too. What to do?


with determination and patience (lots and lots of
patience) YAY I am registered and confirmed. Maybe going to active.com made
allsports step up to the plate. See you in April Psyched!!!!!


Just spent the last 2 hours trying to register and
got shut out. Really bummed.


OK – After two hours of trying, we are back to
AllSport and they report that online registration is closed. Is this


Is registration really closed already or is the site
down? I could not get in to register after trying since 10 am.


trying to register since 10am, like everyone else.
hoping to run the race with my husband this year!


tried for more than an hour to register at allsport,
then clicked the link to register at active and get a message that online
registration is no longer available?!? is this another glitch or is the event
at capacity?


I just tried active .com and it says registration is
closed, so sad to be trying for 2 hours and not succeed. Thus sucks!


can’t register, have been trying for over 1 hour,
looks like we will have to run unregistered…good job guys, you only had a
year to figure this out


allsportcentral.com registration is back online—
anyone who registered at either spot we have your info.




Have been trying to register since 10:30 and the
site keeps saying that the link is broken. Now, I’m hearing that reg is
closed. What’s going on, people!!


New Registration: Sign name and address on a piece
of bark and attach cash for $29 (add $17 if you desire t-shirt and specify
size on bark). Send to Leatherman Loop @ rock by the big ugly red sculpture
in the park (you cannot miss it). smile


2nd post… I’ve been trying to register myself and
Jim Dunn since 10:00AM, no luck! Also, All Sports tele. line has no one
answering. I went to Active.com and they said that registration is closed.
Does that mean that it’s filled? This is a major disappointment! Aefinite;y
not right. I’ll keep trying… It would be nice if someone got back to me…


I am still getting kicked out when it tries to take
my credit card. Is there a secret to getting past the error page?


Registration still open but we are approaching 750 registrants out of our 900
limit including both AllSportCentral and Active.com—the active.com
registrations are closed but the AllSportCentral site is still taking
registrations as of 12:12PM EST.


I tried for over an hour. I ended up using the
active.com site. Hopefully it works for you guys too. I think it’s at:
http://www.active.com/running/cross-river-ny/leathermans-loop-2010 Good Luck!


Congrats on running such a popular race, even with
the difficulty…all will be forgotten by the time of the first crossing!


I got in through Active, but the site now claims
that they are no longer accepting registrants. Is this race closed out
already? Please advise. I have several people that also need to register.


This is horrendous. I’ve been spending all morning
trying to register and my wife just left without me to a brunch. All I want
ot do is run the race again-last year was my first. Thanks for starting my
new year on such a rotten note. Good move switching from Active.com


Should have left it at midnight…some people have
to work today and as SMOOTHLY as this all went it was a pain in the butt! The
midnight time also diffused some of the overload!


Can’t register. Been trying since 10am. It’s
12:20!!!! Left a message at All Sport Central. No response.


I’ve been at this since 10am I get to the cc part
and it bounces me to an error report. there is no at Allsport to talk to, how
many times do I have to enter the stuff. Anyone at the loop who can tell me
if my info went through maybe 3 or 4 times….


Still getting kicked out at the payment page. Maybe
you should hold places for folks who have been having this problem…


I’ve been trying since 10am to register and this is
not fair. Why did you switch from active.com? I really disappointed in the
organization, I’ve wasted a whoel morning doing htis and my wife’s furious
with me.


hours and still getting errors. It’s time to throw in the towel and just run


Have been trying for over an hour to register two
friends and cannot log on to site. What a shame.


it’s 12:41 and i still can’t get on, and i don’t
know how others are able to register……i even called a phone number which
told me no one was there to answer…guess i won’t be running this year!


i can’t get into the registration – been trying for
30 mins!


very frustrated—been doing the race for many
years with my son and would like to continue the tradition


help! i can’t get through! have been trying all
morning – are there just too many people? Britta


Hi Tony and all… registered and paid with Active
per your instructions and have registration id but no email confirmation. Am
I registered? Thanks for your help.


I have done scores of transactions online and this
is the most frustrating experience i have ever had. This is truly embarassing
for the race organizers, to take up 3 hours of our time to simply try to
register for this race. Next year figure out a better method, period. I was
unable to register for all of the reasons listed by others, and I expect that
I may see some charges on my credit card anyway. I can’t even express how
pissed off I am right now, because after all of this I am OUT OF THE RACE –
unless someone from the loop makes this right by contacting my me at my


I’ve been trying for over an hour with no luck.
anything else I can try? Can we work out a system less frustrating?


Finally got through but am getting an error during
confirmation of payment: My Details: Brian Harris email:
abrianharris@yahoo.com 2 Runners – Please put me down as registered and we
can work out the payment when the site is working. Also Please include David
Nixon as well. Thanks


Been triing since 10am to register my sister and my
self, but almost 3 hours of triing are going to go for naught. What happened,
I’ve been running for years and she finally agreed to give it a shot, Wisc.
doesn’t have the Loop. Please help,


This sucks. I’ve been trying to register all morning
and I can’t get into the site. Now I’m going to be closed out. This sucks.


Still trying… I have entered my info in a dozen
times, then it crashes. I have been on since 10:15am trying to register my
husband and I. We raced last year and had a blast. This has been a horrible
experience and really not a great way to start new year…


Not able to register, allsports keeps timing


I registered at around 11:30 am (for two people—my
husband and myself) on the Allsports site—but I haven’t received any sort of
email confirmation. Can you confirm that we are registered?


Hi, Just trying to get in…it’s unfortunate that I
can’t register. Can I show up somewhere in person? thank you, Debi


I’ve been trying to register since 10am _ it’s 1pm –
I get all the way to the credit card submission – the page says
“done” but there is no confirmation. Please advise, Christine


Have been trying since 10 am but keep getting booted
out. Why is this not working. It shouldn’t be this tough to register for a


I tried for 45 starting at 10 AM to get into the
race. I would get as far as typing my personal data and then the page shut
down. Just got back to the computer and now the race is almost closed.
Bummer! The on-line system just isn’t working!


This really sucks. I’m in the middle of registering,
finally got through to the form, and now the site says registration is full
and I can’t hit the final submit button. This really sucks. This is so


Sounds like the organizers are genuinely trying very
hard to make things work for everyone, don’t get too frustrated guys!


Been on since 11:30 am trying to register one person
(myself) with an XL T-Shirt. The error messages are getting worse. Hopefully
something can be done to accommodate the many of us who have been trying to
register, who have run for several years and are trying desperately to
support this event. Please let me know.


absolutely shocking and they were going to try and
charge us almost 5 bucks for the pleasure of using their site that doesnt
even work what are we supposed to do now that entry is closed? have sat here
for 2 hours for nothing and now no race for us


wow, anyone else wish they could get back the last 3
hours? all that effort and frustration, and my friend and i were unable to
complete the registration process. to those lucky runners who did
successfully register—have a great race!


Wasted an hour sitting at my computer, until I
finally got through for registration to be closed. Fantastic.


Loop Registration has closed. For all of the people
who have gotten in touch about the registration failures this morning and
afternoon we will be in touch to make it work. Please be patient while we
work through the individual issues. We apologize and are embarrassed by all
of the problems you have encountered. For about an hour we opened
registration on another website to handle the traffic. If you registered with
either site and received a confirmation then you are all set. If you did not
receive a confirmation but your card was charged, let us know and we will
investigate with the online registration provider. Any other issues, please
get in touch.


3 hrs of trying, WHY did Allsport have no one to
answer the phone an do the registeration over the phone like they posted on
their error message. figured i could get myself and my sister signed up
before 10:30, now we are out looking in, and I’ll call my CC company to see
how many charges they charged me


Tried for 30+ minutes at 10am and had no luck. I
went to my parents for brunch and thought I would give it a try now at 1 and
see its closed out and multiple multiple issues. C’est la gare.

139I can’t believe i can’t get it!!!140

Please add me to the waiting list. I submitted a
request, but then read a message that “comments are closed” not
sure what is going on. Please add me to the waiting list, since I tried to
sign-up, but couldn’t get through, told to wait, but then shut-out. Please
consider. – Joe


frustrated, disappointed and angry…wasted well
over an hour and a half trying to register to find out race is full!!


For those in who were signing up at the same time
registration was closed we will be in touch (like MAP above). As you can
imagine we have had a bummer of an opening for 2010 with lots of follow up
and fixes to do. Thanks for your patience as we try to deal with this.


For anyone using a Mac, the allsportscentral clowns
seem to think that in 2010 they don’t have to work with Safari, Firefox or
iPhones…I tried all three for 20 minutes right at 10am until a warning
screen popped up from them saying that was most likely the problem…this
company should NEVER be used by any race director EVER – with no way to
register I’m now shut out because someone made the decision to not use ACTIVE
or other reputable & competent vendor. Glad I at least got a good venting
run in at the New Years Day 4 miler in brookfield CT this morning.


I did some heavy recruting to friends to join, now I
am the jerk that can’t get in due to technical glitches. Please help!!


Is there a waiting list as the website suggests? If
so, please put me on it.

146could not register!!147

……..will pay for race on race day …..don’t
trust website with c.c.


Chris – just a quick note – Soapstone Assault is
scheduled for Sunday, July 18th
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=201040817330&index=1 Lots of other
NE races on the calendar at http://www.shenipsitstriders.org as well. I’ve added a
couple of the closer races on your calendar to our listing. Great work!!


I tried all morning to access the Allsportcentral
web site without success. Finally around 12:00 I was able to get access and
registered my three boys. While I was trying to register my wife and myself
the site timed out and I was unable to get access. Now the site says
registration is full. How do I register my wife and myself for event.


It wasn’t a safari firefox or iphone problem I was
having the same issues with IE8 and I am sure so were a lot of people using
other versions and flavors of browsers and OS.


I tried all morning to get in my seven buddies got
in & I couldn’t. Get me in in any way you can!!!!!!!

152.153Couldn’t get into registration either!!154

So what kind of time frame are we talking about to
have AllSports get back to us, I have airfare for my sister that will not be
used if they screwed up as bad as they did.


I can’t register… Please help.. (Happy New Year!!)


The Mac browser error message was generated by their
site – while this thread is clear there were a multitude of issues by just
about everyone trying to register, either their site is generating false
error messages, or they haven’t gotten on the ball with current technology –
either way the problem lies with them – & on top of it having no one to
answer the phones to offer an alternative for those having problems? This
vendor need to find a new line of work. The bottom line is Leatherman #7
isn’t happening for me thanks to this cluster*#@*, and that just plain sucks.
(this is not to beat up on the race organizers – you just created a race that
is too damn good!)


I tried to register but had issues. I have a group
of buddies running this race and I am the only one who did not get in. Is
there another way I can get into therace (i.e. send you a check and paper


So many things beyond your guys’ control, sounds
like you’re doing a standup job trying to make things right given the bad
circumstances. Keep it up


Perhaps you could do staged starts so that the
second stage starts 30 minutes after the first and that way you could handle
double the amount of registrants or what if you did two two seperate months
apart. Missed the registration this year; loved the race last year.


I have been doing other races in April for the past
two years so I have not been back for the Leatherman. It is a great race and
am amazed how fast it is not filling up. My suggestion is that you go to a
lottery. That would eliminate the rush to register and give everyone who
wants to run a fair chance of getting in. Given the low price of race
registration, I would increase the fee by another ten dollars. That would
give you additional money for your charitable causes.


check out this video of our online experience. I
reiterate that the race is well run. These guys work hard!