Three months until the Leatherman’s Loop!  Keep training!  The next few days will be good muddy training for the April race thanks to the downpour we’ve experienced. 

There is another event on April 25th in Pound Ridge in case you missed out on the Leatherman’s Loop registration (which is closed to new entrants).

The event is called “Rock the Ride and Run” – Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).  Details are here http://www.active.com/running/pound-ridge-ny/rock-the-ride-and-run-benefiting-livestrong-2010

From the site:

A Run and a set of Rides that will begin at Scotts Corner Market to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation! There will be activities for runners and cyclists of all levels! Friends and family are invited to join in! All registered participants will receive a t-shirt.

The person organizing the event is Rica Mendes.  Rica has a website here: http://ricalivestrong.blogspot.com  Check in to see what she has planned!