T-shirts cost extra? What gives?

Some shirts will be available for purchase at the Loop but if you want to guarantee availability you should place an order when you register. Take a look at the past year’s designs to get an idea what the shirts are like. We will have the current year’s shirt design online as soon as it is finalized.

Some of you are aware that the Loop has always been a sponsor free event. The thought of having a corporate presence in the park never felt right to us. In fact, we believe that many of our participants use this race as an opportunity to step away from their business oriented lives. This means that the runners underwrite the full cost of staging the event as well as the charitable contributions it spins off with money remaining after expenses.

Every year we make a significant donation to a local charity and sometimes multiple charities. Over the years organizations we have supported include Trailside Nature Museum in the park, Art in The Park, The Mianus Gorge Preserve, the North Castle Land Trust, the men’s shelter at the County airport, the Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps (some of you may have used their services at the Loop!), and the Bedford Historical Society.

Some newer not-for-profits we have donated to include: Friends of Muscoot Farm, the NY Wolf Center, and the Somers Volunteer Fire Department (they provide a volunteer EMS crew and do a great job with “Run The Farm” each year).

We plan to continue the “Help Feed The Leatherman” food drive you have all made so successful in past years with your food contributions.

Plans are afoot for adding a few new causes this year—keep your eyes and ears open on Loop day!