Group Run #3: Report

imageWe welcomed in the first full day of spring with a long trek on the trails of Pound Ridge Reservation!  Seven runners were there (Lee, Mark, Virginia, Aarti, Holly, Tom, and Rob) to mark the occasion.  We went in two groups that met in the middle and at the end.  The trail conditions were moist with plenty of mud. The river level has receded back to its normal spring rush.  We crossed the river on the course and even took on the mud flats.  In fact we followed the Loop course for at least 3/4 of its length as you can see by the map (Blue=Loop course, Red=group 1 run, Yellow=group 2 run cutoffs).  We did skip the second water crossing (aka “Splashdown!”) but have it on the agenda for an upcoming run!

If you are thinking about joining us in one of the 4 Sundays (!!) before the Loop, don’t be put off by the length of today’s run – it was longer than the Loop by around a mile but our second group took a ~5 mile route to return (skipping the mud flats near route 124).  As the group gets larger we will split into more groups to take on different paces.  As long as someone in the group is comfortable with the trails and getting back to the cars, the possibilities are endless with pace and length!

At the end of the run we asked a passing hiker to take a group photo but apparently he was befuddled by my phone’s camera and we got this shot of the group’s shoes.

Next week I’ll bring a real camera!  Same time (8am Sunday 3/28) & same place (Lewisboro Town Park upper lot).