Group Run #4: Report

imageSunday, March 28th, 2010: Seven Loop runners (Holli, Lee, Debbie, Ciorsdan, Aarti, Rob, and Dr. Stu) met at the Town Park upper lot for a run into the Reservation.  It was overcast and mid-30’s temperature.  Just before heading out we spotted some snow flurries. Quite different from last week’s 60 degree run!  Possibly the last snow until next winter.

Hills was the course agreed on—a zig-zag over the northern ridge of the Rez.  We ran down into the Deer Hollow trail then picked up the Brown trail towards Splashdown.  Just before the meadow stretch towards the second water crossing we turned and stuck to the Brown trail.  Not being as brave as Jim “Iceman” Jinkins, we opted out of the water crossings on this day!  (Plus we were all wearing long pants, not shorts!)  We stretched out into 3 groups, each taking a different path over the hills.  Group 1 and 2 met going opposite ways at one point and Looped back together all the way to the wall. Everyone made it back onto Deer Hollow to head back to the cars.  Total runs were between 5.2 and 5.5 miles taking a bit over an hour.  The trail conditions were good with moisture abating somewhat.  Sticking to the high ground kept things drier but rockier.  Trail conditions change daily, especially in April. 

Next Sunday is Easter but we plan to be out there getting a run in.  It looks to be a warm weekend with temps up to the 70s on Saturday.  We’ll pick a shorter course to be done in under an hour.  Same time (8AM).  Hope you can join us!