Sunday Group Training Run and Report

imageThis week’s Group Run: 3/21/10—same time (8am) same day (Sunday) same place (Lewisboro Town Park upper parking lot).  With the time change a week behind us and warmer sunny weather approaching (60º next weekend…) we expect more runners!  Also it’s the first day of Spring!  See below for trail run report… Facebookers check the website for map of run.

It was a good day for a run on Sunday March 14th.  The time change and the threat of rain kept all but two intrepid Loop runners (Rob and Lee) off the trails in the morning. 

Spring is upon us.  The torrential rains of the days and night before had completely swept away all traces of snow seen the week before.  The Cross River was raging and practically whitewater at spots.  Needless to say, the water crossings were not in the cards and unquestionably dangerous.  Parts of the trail by along the river could more accurately be described as moats.  The boardwalks might have been floating but we couldn’t know for sure since we couldn’t get anywhere near them.  We stayed mostly upland but found new mud flats and climbed the Brown Trail hill.  Many of the trails had come to life as streams.  We managed to keep our footing and our shoes but there were some very boggy spots!  Looking forward to next week and the ever-changing trail.