Training Run Report: Sunday March 7th


It was a fine day for a run at the reservation!  At 8am Sunday morning five intrepid souls met at the upper parking lot at the Lewisboro Town Park to run the trails of the Pound Ridge Reservation.  Note: next week – same time (8am Sunday 3/14!), same place, different run!

Virginia, Lee, Aarti, Rob, and Ciorsdan headed up the old ski hill towards the Rez.  With week old snow crunching underfoot on this north facing slope the day was crisp and cool with the promise of warmer weather on the way.  At the Deer Hollow trail intersection we headed east towards “The Wall.”  Heading down the hill we encounter running partners Gerry and Christy.  Gerry is a past Loop winner and Christy is training for a 50 mile ultra run!  It felt like we were in very good company and checked in to the Loop circuit.

Further down we pass the Waccabuc River and then on to the old quarry sand hill known as “The Wall.”  We take a run down it, intending to head straight back up.  One of our group asks where the course comes out so we head to the bridge over the river towards the mud flats.  The bridge was built many years back by Loop founders Tony Godino and Dave Cope.  The river marks the boundary between South Salem (east) and Cross River (west).  We turn around and head back up the sand hill, forgoing the mud flats for this day despite the obvious temptation.

At the top of the wall, we head left instead of right on the Deer Hollow trail, making our way further up the hill.  The trail alternates between completely snow covered and completely clear, switching between winter and early spring depending on the exposure.  Down on the other side, Boutonville Road comes up more quickly than expected and we rejoin the Loop course on the other side.  The course follows along the Cross River which is crystal clear and flowing fast.  We break out of the trees near Kimberly Bridge and cross the road again.  We take a right on the Brown trail heading north, getting off the course once again but heading towards home with a few miles and some big climbs ahead. The slope of the brown trail here is almost like “the wall” except longer and without the shifting sand underfoot.  At the bottom it is like a slow moving stream with lots of mud covering the trail.  The downhill side is welcome and covered with more crunchy snow since we are on the north face again.

We join up with the Deer Hollow trail again as we cross briefly back onto the Loop course for a few hundred feet.  Back past JT Farm on our right and up to the top of the Town Park hill under the power lines that separate the two parks.  Back down the ski hill with no skis and to the cars and water.

All those present agreed to meet again and bring friends next week at the same time.  Our pace was easy—if we have a few more runners we may split up to go at different paces.  This run was just under 5 miles but we can work out a course anywhere from 2 to 6+ miles before heading out.  Hope more folks reading this can join us!  Respond at the website or via facebook.  We will meet at 8am at the upper parking lot of the Lewisboro Town Park. –Rob

Link to Ward Pound Ridge Trail Map (pdf at site)
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation County Park Information Page