2011 Registration - Opens January 11th - Read Below for Details

Leatherman’s Loop News: Volume 25, Issue 1

StartThe 2011 Leatherman’s Loop will be held May 1, 2011 at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY.

We are changing the registration process for the 2011 Leatherman’s Loop.  The past few registrations have closed in 34 days (2008), then 16 hours (2009) and finally, 3 hours (2010). We felt a change would be helpful and avoid potential problems. 

The registration this year will be in 2 stages:

Stage 1: Open registration for first 500 spots.  This will be the same as the past few years.  At 11am on Tuesday 1/11/2011 registration will open.  First come, first served.  When the 500 open spots are filled, we will close out stage 1.  We anticipate this stage going very quickly.  If you get registered during this stage, you are all set for the Loop.

Stage 2: Lottery registration for next 700 spots.  At 9am on Wednesday 1/12/2011 the 2011 Loop Lottery will open.  It will remain open for runners to sign up for Lottery spots through Tuesday 1/25/2011—so there is no immediate rush to sign up.  Runners will enter their information into the lottery registration, including a credit card number.  Your card will not be charged unless you are picked in the Loop Lottery.  After the Loop Lottery entry closes on Tuesday, January 25th we will have the drawing for winners on Friday, January 28th.  Winners will be notified immediately and charged the race entry fee (and t-shirt cost if ordered). 

NOTE: Everyone who misses out on the open registration rush (Stage 1) will have ample opportunity (nearly 2 weeks) to sign up for the Loop Lottery (Stage 2).

There are some potential issues and wrinkles with lottery registration (if you think of any more, let us know):

1.) If you are running with a group, some people may want to make sure all in the group get in before committing to the Loop.  To accommodate this we will ask for your group’s name during lottery signup and whether you want to be an “all or none” lottery entry.  The odds of the group getting in will be the same as an individual so there is no advantage or disadvantage to being part of a group.  It is a personal preference.  Groups can be as small as two people.  If you are not running with a group or simply want to register for the lottery you don’t have to fill in this information.

2.) If you enter the Loop Lottery and then have a change in plans that would prevent you from running in the Loop, you can withdraw from the Lottery before the drawing. 

3.) Duplicate lottery registrations for the same person are not allowed and will be removed. 

This is new to us and we are interested in making it as fair and hassle-free as possible (for you all and for us too!). 

We wanted to maintain the traditional open registration while still accommodating others who may not be able to spend a set block of time in front of the computer to get the registration done. 

Everyone must realize that there are more runners than spots available so some folks are bound to be disappointed when they are unable to get in for 2011.  We hope everyone understands the reasoning behind the 2 stage approach and the course limits.

If you have any questions not covered above or in the Loop FAQ, please get in touch via our contact form, via our email address leathermansloop@gmail.com, or ask your question in the comments below.


-Mike, Tony, Rob, and the Leatherman Harriers