Lottery Picks Made – Emails Out to Runners

2013 Registration Closed

2010 Shirt - Jim Jinkins
Lottery is finished — 2013 Loop registration is closed. We have sent the email notifications to runners who were picked and not picked. The emails went out at 6:20pm on 1/21/2013. (If you have not received your email, check your spam folder.)

If someone else signed up for you in a group, the confirmation went to whichever email address you were signed up with. If you haven’t received a confirmation or consolation note, check the searchable list below.

A searchable list of runners who are in the Loop is here :

If you were picked in the Lottery you will appear in this online listing, Congratulations!

If your name did not come up, we are sorry. As a consolation, we are offering guaranteed entry to next year’s Loop for those not selected in 2013 if you register for next year’s Loop Lottery.

Details of the race will be sent to runners in early April. In the meantime if you want to join a group of trail runners on sunday mornings for a run, check for where the Leatherman Harriers Sunday Run group will meet for the week.

And…. Plans are in the works: Stay tuned for an announcement of a pre-Loop fundraising event that everyone will be invited to on Friday, April 19th. If you like the Loop we think you’re going to enjoy this evening event that is raising money for two great organizations (Trailside Museum and Bedford Historical Society). Sneak peak here. More details to come…

We just received news today that A Mild Sprain (May 19th, 2013) registration has opened! Check it out and sign up for a great trail run as well as others this winter and spring.