Runner Reports about 2014 Loop

After each Loop in the past few years we have gathered runner stories, photo links, essays, and video into a note on the Loop website. Here are some 2014 articles:

  • Loop Top 10 – Top 10 favorite things about the Loop from Cathi Bosco a runner in the the Bimbler’s running group.
  • GoPro headcam video – The whole Loop split into 4 video clips, unedited. Very interesting perspective from fast runner Tony Kharitonov.
  • Loop 2014 Runner Report – by Laura Kline, 2014 winner.
  • GoPro video summary (~7 minutes) of the 2014 Loop at an 8:00/mile pace (finish in 49 min) by Jim
  • [your report here – or let us know about any other 2014 writeups or notes]

…And of course our own recap of the 2014 Loop!

Thanks for everyone’s unique perspective!

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