Trail Mix Results to Date: Next Up – Run The Farm


The first two Trail Mix races are complete and were a big success. Click here to see current standings.

Over 100 runners completed Where the Pavement Ends on September 21st and nearly 200 total runners were on hand for the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack on September 28th. Keith Realander of Ridgefield and Karen Haitoff of Katonah are in the series lead to date. They may be tough to catch!

A total of 31 runners overlapped and competed in both races and are eligible for the Trail Mix series awards. An additional nine runners registered for both races but were unable to compete in at least one of them. All 40 of these runners are eligible for automatic selection in the Loop Lottery 2015 as long as they register for Run The Farm 2014, which 25 of them have already done! Only runners who run in all four Trail Mix races are eligible for the series award after the Leatherman’s Loop.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Run The Farm in three weeks — especially our Trail Mix participants! Registration is still open!

Run The Farm 2013 Start