29th Loop Tomorrow

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 29 Issue 3: Loop Tomorrow!

To All Registered Runners:

We are setting up at the entrance to the Rez for 9AM bib pickup! Come get your bib (and shirt if ordered) between 9am and 12noon today.

For the day of the Loop — if you arrive later than 8:45am Sunday morning you will likely be parking FAR AWAY from the bib pickup area. You will have to dash to the showmobile and then dash to the start line. Each of those dashes will be about a quarter mile or more! Don’t let that happen – get here early! If you get to the entrance at 8am you will be set and be parked by 8:15am. If you arrive at the entrance at 8:45, you will be stuck in the backlog and scrambling to bib pickup and the start.

For those who like the summary – Arrive Early and Pack a Change of Clothes! Here are MAPS and DIRECTIONS. And put your food donation in your sneakers now…

For detailed logistics information about this year’s Loop, check this article.

Note there is NO SAME DAY REGISTRATION. We are full!

Maps and directions links are on the website here.

Don’t forget your food donation to the Community Center of Northern Westchester – Help Feed the Leatherman!  Look for the minivan with the banner!  It will be near the bib pickup area.  Check here for latest needs. Rice and beans were high on the list last time we checked in with CCNW.

Arrive early – shoot for 8:00 and you may make it by 8:30 – drive carefully.  We would like to begin as close to 9am as possible.  Plan on heading to the starting line at 8:45 am.

Dogs must be on leashes at all times. If you are running with your dog please start at the back of the pack to minimize potential problems in the starting meadow with the large crowd running.

We will have a few pre-race announcements, a race blessing, and then the 29th running of the Leatherman’s Loop will commence as we head off over the meadow. 

If you find yourself injured, please STAY ON THE COURSE! Help will be on its way quickly. We have volunteers stationed throughout the course who can contact help quickly. We also have some key runners with cell phones ready to call in for assistance if any is required. We also have a runner sweep and a medical sweep following runners on the course.

If you wish—at the beginning of the race—you can wear an extra layer over the shirt your number is pinned to which you can discard as you run by the teepee. It will be there for you near the teepee (or inside if it is raining) when you finish.

Please exercise caution and common sense at the stream crossings. Ease into each crossing slowly and do not enter them full stride. The exit of the first stream crossing can be slippery on the rock ledge. Help the runner in front and the one behind if possible.

Bring a full set of warm dry clothes (including socks and shoes) to change in to after you finish.  You will get wet!  We will have water, coffee, bagels, and fruit at the finish—but its always a good idea to have your own water on race day.

Full race finishing results will be posted to the web site http://www.leathermansloop.org/results by late afternoon after the race. Send or UPLOAD any photos you’d like to share!

If you see the Leatherman out and about, give a yell!

See you bright and early tomorrow…

Tony, Judy, Rob, Mike, Bill, and the Loop Volunteers