Leatherman’s Loop Founders Newsletter, Volume 9

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it (for now)

Plans for splitting the field with a two wave start have been scrapped for this year. This was not an easy decision for your organizers. Rob Cummings and I felt the weight of our burden of responsibility to the Loop which has seen very few changes over the years. It is useful to know that a large majority of you are willing to accept this change if it is deemed necessary next year.


I don’t know why I have been waiting for inspiration to compose this note. Certainly, a warm sunny day with no snow on the ground would help but other sources were needed this year. Why do I need inspiration at all? The Loop is just a running race. But is it? Is it just a running race? In previous notes I have called it “A celebratory gathering in nature which includes trail running.” Let’s go with that. Let’s all get inspired to run and celebrate by bringing our best selves to the “Rez” one more time.

Tim Parshall

Tim Parshall, t-shirt artist for the Loop.

It’s always inspirational when Tim shows up with new shirt art. Here he is pictured with an amazing quilt made from race tee shirts and gifted to us by Judy’s sister. Tim drew twenty five of them. What a guy!

Danny Martin

Danny was asked to participate in an internet podcast called REMEMBERING THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE. Multiple interviews were spread over about ten days and Danny was the last. He talked about growing up in Belfast and his time in Africa and his work with dialogue and of course the Loop. Click on Danny’s photo to hear his words about the Loop or click on the Remembering the Truth link above to get the complete interview. Now I’m inspired!

Some of the elite participants

On March 16th, 2018 Lindsey Scherf set a world record for women in the indoor marathon. It reminded me that she had run the Loop when she was in high school. This got me thinking about other elite athletes who have participated. Their accomplishments as athletes are remarkable and of course inspirational. Here are some of them.

  • Dave Dunham—U.S. mountain running team multiple times. Won the loop in 1993.
  • Tom Nohilly—2nd American finisher at the world cross country championship in 1999. US Olympic steeplechase team member 1992 & 1996. Nine time winner of the loop.
  • Matthew Byrne—Named to the 2012 U.S. mountain running team. Won the loop in 2012.
  • Lucas Meyer—US Olympic trials team member in steeplechase (2008) and marathon (2012). Won the loop in 2016 & 2017.
  • Laura Kline—Won the world championship short course duathlon in 2012. Three time winner of the Loop.
  • Lindsey Scherf—World indoor marathon record holder for women. Finished second in the 2000 Loop.
  • Gerry Sullivan—Coach at Fordham Prep, elite trail and cross country runner, 2x Loop winner, and father of:
  • Eamonn Sullivan—Freshman standout at Fordham Prep, Junior Olympian, current Loop competitor.

Parting Shots

I have decided to include some photos of Ken Littlefield (one of the Loop founders) which I find strangely inspirational. Ken ran the Western States endurance 100 mile race in 1982 and 1983 and 1984. He was never known to hold back as a runner. The first photo was taken either before or after his 1983 finish. The second reflects his determination as he nears the finish line with pacer Mitch Stein. In the third he is in the medical tent still showing signs of the intensity of his effort. Many of you will soon be running the Loop course which Ken helped to design. Good luck!