Help Feed the Leatherman – The Tradition Continues


Bring your food donations to the Loop on April 28th!

Loop runners have been incredibly generous in last 10 years with donations of food items to members of the local community in need.

The volunteer food drive “Help Feed The Leatherman” has collected over 8,000 pounds of food donations for the Community Center of Northern Westchester food pantry over the past 10 years. This year will mark the 11th year for this fantastic program at the Loop.

David Ceisler of Katonah is the driving force behind this effort. He will be joined by his son Sam Ceisler on the morning of the loop. David’s car will be set up near the showmobile on the morning of the Loop. Please remember to bring some food donations! List of needed items is below.

David Ceisler accepts “Help Feed The Leatherman” food pantry donations for the Community Center of Northern Westchester from runners Alexander and Clara Tripp in 2018. The food drive at the loop is in its eleventh year in 2019. (Photo by Bram Wegener)

Why a food drive? The Old Leatherman came to the same places on such a regular schedule that people “could set their clocks by his arrival.” In each community he passed, the Leatherman had identified a home or two where he knew friendly people would provide food whenever he appeared. Some residents would set plates of food out for him when he was expected, and the Leatherman would come by and clean the plate.

We are asking our runners to “put the plate of food out” for the Leatherman.

People come the Community Center of Northern Westchester every day in need of help. The Center’s mission is to improve the well-being of our neighbors. That is what many people years ago did for the Leatherman.

The Center is in need of:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Dried and canned beans 
  • Hot and cold cereal 
  • Tuna and canned meat 
  • Cans of soup, beef stew and chili 
  • Pasta, rice and spaghetti sauce
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Fruit juice 
  • Baby food and diapers 
  • Dry or shelf-stable milk

This is not a requirement. Please help if you can. Thanks to David for conceiving this idea and thanks to Rosie, Sam, and David for gathering and getting the donations to the Community Center after the Loop during the past 10 years and this year.

To help you remember the donations: Put the cans or other items in your running shoes or your running bag the night before (or on the drivers seat of your car!). We will remind you with a note closer to the race as well.

The Old Leather Man was greatly helped by the charity and kindness of strangers and neighbors. Let us extend the wonderful goodness and spirit of our loop, as we gather food for our neighbors. THANK YOU RUNNERS for your generosity!

Note: the 2019 Loop filled up in the January Loop Lottery. Registration is closed – we can’t take any more registrations. Sorry!

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