Dogs at the Loop

Hello Loop Runners,

We have been required by our race insurance company to prohibit dogs from running in the Leatherman’s Loop

It has been brought up as a safety issue in the past — but starting this year USATF will not sanction and insure a race that allows dogs to run.

If you have any questions about this please contact us via our contact form or send an email to 

Thanks for your understanding. 

Dogs are still allowed at the park with spectators, providing you follow these General rules:

-All dogs must be leashed at all times in county parks (county law).
-No long, extended, or retractable leads allowed.
-Keep dogs out of the path of any runner, especially those exiting Splashdown.
-Your dog must be able to handle large crowds and many other spectator dogs. 

Thanks for your understanding and attention to safety — and see you on the trails!

-Tony, Judy, Rob

Note: Service animals that perform a specific defined task (such as guide dogs for blind runners) are not affected by this new requirement. If you have a question about your service dog please contact us before the loop and we can answer your questions.