Leatherman’s Loop 2021 Postponed

Loop Runners:

We are sad to announce the 2021 Loop has been postponed. The spirit of the Loop invites closeness and a large communal gathering; both of these would be ill-advised this spring.

We are postponing the Loop for 2021 in the hopes that — if there are absolutely no restrictions on gatherings — we can possibly hold it in the Fall 2021 on a date TBD. We don’t know what the pandemic situation will look like in 9 months, but there’s always hope – and it would be a unique Loop. 

If no Loop happens in 2021, we are confident by the time April 2022 comes around the world will be a very different place. Never back to normal after the upheavals and losses of 2020 and 2021, but safer to gather in large groups again.

In the next week or so, you will hear from us again with a message of hope from the Leatherman’s Loop Spiritual Advisor Danny Martin. He will share his thoughts about the Loop and our place in the world and describe a practical way we can play our part in rebuilding our country.

.…Tony, Judy, Rob, and the organizers of the Leatherman’s Loop

PS: individuals in the Leatherman Harriers family still remain active and running on the trails in a safe and socially distant way. If you would like to join a great group on the trails, visit SundayRuns.org for information on our Sunday group runs. Sign up to get emails every Friday outlining the Sunday plan.