4 Days til Loop Returns…

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 34, Issue 2: 4 More Days…

If you are close by the Rez you can pick up your bib (and shirt if ordered) the day before the Loop.

We will be at the WPA Gallery at the entrance to the Reservation from 9am-12noon on Saturday, April 23, 2022 for early bib pickup. If you can come and pick up your bib that would make Loop day a bit less hectic for you — and for our race day volunteers in the show mobile.

For Loop Sunday April 24th, plan to arrive early…  The Loop start time is 9am. Plan to be at the park before 8:04am to get parked and get your bibs (and t-shirts if ordered). Even earlier is better — and an early arrival will let you get a look around and get some warm up time.

Arrivals earlier than 7:30am typically get to park in the meadow parking lot — which is paved. After that lot fills up, parking is on the grass of the meadow.

You don’t want to get backed up in the unpredictable park entrance bottleneck — even though there will be friendly Westchester County Police directing traffic on Route 35/121! 

If you missed the earlier detailed instructions and logistics email, click here to read it.

A few more details to add about the course:

  • in the start meadow the grass has been mowed, but the surface is uneven and there are grape vines mixed in with the grass in some spots that can trip you up. Be very aware of your footing as you start the Loop.
  • as you cross the river be aware that at the final crossing “splashdown” the depth varies a great deal. You may be in six inches of water in one spot and the next step is 4 feet deep. Tread carefully!
Leatherman’s Loop aerial photo of start area. Click for larger image.

Here’s a link to some handy maps and directions that should help you get on your way to the Loop.

If you want to make sure you are registered check here: Searchable list of registered runners.

Remember – there is no same day registration.

Race day bib pickup will begin at 7AM on the day of the Loop at the showmobile.

Dogs are welcome at the Park but — just like any other time you visit a county park — you must obey the Park’s leash law.  There will be many other dogs around.

No dogs are permitted to run the Loop. This was an insurance mandate in 2020. Dogs are welcome to observe and comment!

A reminder from the Pound Ridge Reservation park management: On Sunday PLEASE respect the park speed limit of 15 MPH while driving on the park roads. Take special care driving the roadway into the park and in the parking meadow as there will be many people and pets walking around.

There will be staff and volunteers directing the parking and guiding cars to park efficiently. Please follow their directions. It is going to be tight parking and we’d like to pack ‘em in!

UPDATE: The forecast calls for party sunny skies for the Loop morning with temperatures starting around 44 degrees and increasing as the day goes on… Water and mud levels are pretty high after the wet winter. The beavers have made a new landscape at the Splashdown crossing which is also much wider due to their activity. The mud flats were already soaked and ready to pull your shoes off before the latest rain this week. Wear your brightest and cleanest socks! Send us before and after photos (of your socks or other items of clothing or body parts). Everything is looking good to go for Sunday! 

Have a safe trip — CAR POOL if you can!

Any questions please contact us.

See you on the trails…

-Tony, Judy, Rob, Mike, Bill and the rest of the Leatherman Harrier volunteers